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Jeff Lawson's Devotional
You don’t have to spend too much time in the woods living in Minnesota without coming across a little creature called a tick.  I recall when my boys were young, we spent an afternoon in the woods and when we came in for supper, we pulled dozens of ticks off of them.  Just thinking of a tick makes a person say, ‘ISH’ and cause you to think again about going in the woods.

Here’s something that I think is important to remember, we can’t worry about the ishy things of this world, because if we do, it will keep us from the beautiful things.  There are so many admirable things about Spring in Minnesota.  The trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, baby rabbits, deer, and squirrels are scurrying through the woods.  It is truly a glorious time of the year.

God says unload all your worries on Him.  The God who made every thumbprint in the world different and the God who made every snowflake in the world different and the God who made every voice print in the world different is a big enough God to handle all the details in your life.  He is a God of details.  Whatever it is that has you worried this week, give it to God.  He can handle anything you give Him.

Rev. Jeff Lawson
Spiritual Care Coordinator
Emotional Health Tip
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