PCS Connection December 2017
How to Apply Products in Winter
Log home in winter

It's getting cold and you still haven't finished sealing your home. So what can you do? Depending on the stage of construction you are in, you have several options available. The most critical part of the application process that is weather dependent is staining or finishing the exterior. This should always be done keeping the weather in mind.
Storing Products in Winter Conditions 

During the winter months it's important to be aware of the freeze-thaw stability of Perma-Chink's products. The reason may involve shipping conditions or whether it is okay to store a product or products in an unheated shed. In any case you need to be aware of the consequences of allowing any of our products to freeze.

Managing Firewood Pests

During the winter months many homeowners use firewood as a source of heat or create an attractive atmosphere. But along with the firewood comes many types of living pests. Most firewood pests will not harm people or animals, nor will they start infestations of wood within the home.

Dealing with Wildlife Damage

If you live in or near the woods, you probably have a variety of rodents that also occupies your surrounding area. Most rodents like to gnaw on wood and if your log home is accessible to them it may become the target of their gnawing activity. Although field mice occasionally work on the exterior of a home, most of their effort is devoted to finding a warm place to spend the winter. If you seal up all of the potential entrance points, especially around the foundation, you will prevent their taking up residence inside your home. Just remember that they can squeeze through unbelievable small openings so you need to do a thorough job.
Log Home Shows

2017 Log Home Show Schedule 

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January 5-7 | The Log & Timber Home Show | Allentown, PA

Purpose of Perma-Chink Systems

"We are constantly looking ahead to the future to develop products for the construction of energy-efficient log and timber homes"

- Mike Reeves, Factory Supervisor
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