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How to Slim Down your Pet
It is not uncommon for pets to be overweight or underweight. Managing your pet’s weight is an integral part of their life and overall health.

Overweight and obese pets can have added stress on their bodies, leading to an increased risk of diabetes, liver problems and joint pain. According to a study by Zoetis, “veterinarians consider 47 percent of their patients overweight or obese, but only 17 percent of dog owners think the same.” 

It can be challenging for some pet owners to recognize that their pets could be overweight, especially if your dog breed is naturally plump, like a pug or a bulldog. If you are looking for some tips on how to slim down your pet, we have you covered with a general guide on what you can do at home.  

What you can do to slim down your pet
Trying to get your cat or dog to lose weight is no easy task. It may be time to bump up the exercise and reduce the number of treats given daily. The methods used to help slim down your pet depend on several factors: their breed, age, how severely they are overweight, any pre-existing medical conditions etc. You can certainly take measures at home to help your pet lose weight, and we have some helpful general tips for you below, depending on whether or not you have a cat or a dog.
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