December 20, 2016 
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On my friend's blog this morning I saw the prompt:

"What do you really want for yourself this Holiday Season?"
That got me thinking. I stopped and I took a moment to go within and found:
Most important to me during the holidays (actually always) is to connect with people in meaningful ways; in deep conversation, in rich exchanges even if brief.
Parties can be fun but they don't usually give us a chance to talk in a personal fashion with trust and openness. I don't need more "How about that weather?" or gossipy conversations. I prefer to know what is important to you. How is your life going? What are you looking forward to?
Most important to me day in day out, is connection with Source; that closeness with something greater than myself that offers comfort, hope, love, bliss. That connection means I am never alone. #Mindfulness means I always have access to inner #peace. I can always ask for support, for guidance, and for a nudge.
Sure I often have to stop what I am doing, be still and listen to hear a response. That's good for us too.
Then there are the times when we get our answers and verification that we were heard when we are out in the world, at the gym, or at the grocery store. Creator isn't restricted in any fashion in communication with us - visions, dreams, a stranger's voice, a teacher's reminder and even a film can bring the message.
Those two kinds of connections on a daily basis mean I am fulfilled over and over. My life is full.

Thanks for the prompt Connie. How awesome that the holidays cause us to reconsider what is important. Probably has something to do with the constant barrage of advertising telling us to consume, buy, give more, have more, shine, dine, drink and so on. Some of that is fun but it so easily gets us off track, pulled away from our values.
I invite you to consider what you really want for yourself this season. Go within and check.
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