Our hearts go out to the families affected by Hurricane Laura.
In a time when air travel has decreased, people are more often taking road trips to locations with more certainty of "social distancing." Baytown for instance has activities that make social distancing a breeze. Baytown is fortunate to offer plenty of outdoor fun and adventure, like Baytown Rocks and a GeoTour! Read on to learn more!
I spy Baytown Rocks!
Have you ever run across a beautifully painted rock sitting out in the open somewhere, maybe the park or even in a parking lot? These rocks often include a message directing the finder to post their find on social media. These mysterious rocks started appearing across the US in 2014 (love-rocks.org) to spread hope and joy. In 2016, this project began in Baytown with huge success, making Baytown a great place to both hide and find rocks!

To learn more about how to find painted rocks in Baytown, check out this Baytown Rocks blog written by David Berkowitz, author of the Baytown Project.
Do you like a treasure hunt?
Baytown is home to one of only five GeoTours in the state of Texas. Through the "Family, History, and Nature Together GeoTour" geocachers get the chance to hunt for hidden containers (aka caches) at 31 Baytown landmarks. Finding the caches is just part of the fun though! Many of the caches contain a code that can be pieced together to unscramble a phrase, which earns extra "swag" at the end of the journey!


A popular activity when traveling these days is finding and photographing murals! This new venture spread to Baytown just a few years ago with the addition of several colorful murals (that are also trackable for you geocachers!) often seen in the background of selfies on Instagram and Facebook.

We are excited to announce the Baytown murals are now included on the new Houston Mural Map website!

You can take a virtual tour by clicking on each pin on the map, to see it and learn about the mural and the artist.

You can also explore murals in the area by neighborhood or by artist, all online by using your phone. You can also create a tour of your favorites (using the My Maps feature) – for safe fun. Talk about easy #SocialDistancing.

To begin searching the Houston Mural Map, visit www.houstonmuralmap.com

Tumbleweed Smith is the creator and producer of The Sound of Texas, one of the longest running syndicated radio programs in Texas. In fact, Tumbleweed claims to have assembled the largest private collection of oral history in the United States! His show "features fascinating people who embody the spirit of the Lone Star State".

Last Fall Tumbleweed visited Baytown and took the time to interview seven Baytown residents including our own Anna Enderli Yowell, Tourism Manager. Tumbleweed wanted to know more about the Umbrella Alley! The interview aired on July 14th; however, you can follow this link to find a quick summary of the interview. Anna shares the inspiration and creativity behind converting an unsightly alley into a tourist attraction. For the article, click here and to read other inspiring stories visit, www.Tumbleweedsmith.com.
Just One more Cast: Salt and Freshwater Fishing
Baytown is a great place to fish! Baytown has both fresh and saltwater fishing, so it is up to you to decide where to drop your line or cast your net!

You can discover multiple places nestled among 4 saltwater bays that feed into the much larger Galveston Bay. For a slower more laid back pace there is Cedar Bayou. Perfect for dropping a kayak too. For a list of fishing spots and guide services, Click here.
Out and about in Baytown?
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Baytown Hotels Welcome Visitors!
Travelers today are often skeptical to travel too far and remain more safety conscious than ever. Baytown hotels are doing a great job providing a safe environment for visitors.
Here is what some of our hotels are doing:
"We are so happy to be able to welcome back tourism in our community! We most definitely want our guests to know hand sanitizers are available throughout our hotel for easy disinfection. We also have specific brand standard cleaning supplies that we use to disinfect our public areas, including the lobby, restaurant and bar seating area. Our amazing front desk staff and housekeepers are always on top of wiping down public areas! Also, can't forget the mask compliance policy that we comply with."

Fabiola Perales with Hilton Garden Inn, 7215 Garth Rd., Baytown, Texas 77521

SpringHill Suites guests can choose to use their phones to check in, access their rooms, make special requests and order room service that will be specially packaged and delivered right to the door without contact. These "touchless" services can all be done quickly via Marriott's mobile app.

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