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Our quick, fun, survey is back! Only two questions so it won't take long. But there's a catch, you have to read The New Electronics Experimenter article first, otherwise you might not have the proper context for the answers.


Okay, I did my homework and read the article.

I'm ready for some quick fun!

Bring on the survey! 


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Transistor Clock
The New Electronics Experimenter
Electronics as a hobby is not going away as some have thought, it has just changed - BIG TIME!
What do you think of when you hear the term electronic hobbyist or experimenter? A guy in a grungy basement loaded with old discarded equipment and junk boxes, a cluttered work bench with dozens of unfinished projects and the air redolent of rosin smoke from the soldering iron?
Build The RetroGame
It's easy and fun to build, even more fun to play!

So, my wife volunteered me for "Science Day" at my son's elementary school - an annual half day program where moms and dads taught mini-courses on everything from rocketry to zoology to chemistry. But what could I teach the kids?
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Boca Bearings Innovation Contest
Boca Bearings Innovation Contest
Boca Bearings has launched their global contest for makers/inventors/artists featuring innovative, mechanical projects.  

Prizes include 3D Printers, GoPros, and Quadcopters, and a $5,000 grand prize. Voters in the contest also get a chance to win prizes.
Vote for your favorite project, or submit your own!

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I appreciate the vintage sound of tube-type guitar amplifiers and the craftsmanship of the old RF wattmeters, with their precision machined, silver slugs. And I have a brass straight key - handmade in West Germany - on my desk. However, as a technology enthusiast, my focus is generally on the future - the next big thing in robotics, microprocessors, sensors, communications, and the like.

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ALP with piezo element

In the last episode, we did another communications project, learned to read the voltage across a potentiometer, and then revisited some Cylon Optometry. This time, we are going to develop a command interpreter, and then make some noise.

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SCR symbols
SCR Principles And Circuits
Basic operation and practical application circuits for SCRs.
An SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) is a controllable medium- to high-power self-latching solid-state DC power switch. This article explains its basic operation and shows some practical ways of using it.
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From the Nuts & Volts Webstore
Navigate the roadmaps of simple electronic circuits and complex systems with help from an experienced engineer. With all-new art and demo circuits you can build, this hands-on, illustrated guide explains how to understand and create high-precision electronics diagrams. Find out how to identify parts and connections, decipher element ratings, and apply diagram-based information in your own projects. 
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  • Schematic, block, and pictorial diagrams
  • Resistors and capacitors
  • Inductors and transformers
  • Switches, conductors, and cables
  • Diodes, transistors, and logic gates
  • Electron tubes
  • Cells and batteries
  • Voltage dividers and reducers
  • Breadboards and wire wrapping
  • Electronics troubleshooting

  • If you need a RetroGame kit - We got 'em! 
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