APRIL 7TH, 2021
"Poetry: the best words in the best order."

-Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A Spring Haiku
"A song bird takes flight
sharing melodies delight
soaring through the sky."

A Wednesday Haiku
They call me hump day
I don't really like that name
Please call me Gary.
Elkhorn Haiku
Five Three One Two One
where we dilly and dally
and play together.
National Beer Day Haiku
Amber, Ale and Stout
is what we will celebrate
so tip your cup, friend.

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The Elkhorn Chamber
Submitted by Kate Abbe
The Elkhorn Chamber and it's staff continue to provide weekly
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We hope to see you on the greens next month for
the Elkhorn Chamber's Annual Golf Outing & Steak Dinner!
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We are excited to welcome 
Tim Malenock
as the Executive Director of the
Walworth County Visitors Bureau. We look forward to growing together and seeing the great things that Tim will do in the Walworth County area!

The Advia Foundation awarded a generous $3,000.00 grant to Seeds Of Hope,
a local nonprofit organization in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, which strives to Plant Possibilities in the lives of adults with developmental and other disabilities.
The funds will be used to support the horticulture program at Seeds Of Hope, including seeds and plant material, potting soil, bagged fertilizer, garden tools and gloves, farmers market expenses, vendor fees, and other related expenses.

Community Action welcomes new Resource Development Manager
Community Action, Inc. of Rock & Walworth Counties welcomes Erick West as the agency’s
Resource Development Manager. West is a Beloit native with more than a decade’s experience
in grant writing, stewardship and nonprofit management.
"We are so excited and honored to have Erick West join our team,” says Marc Perry, executive
director. “Erick comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience in resource
development and is a proud product of the Rock County community. We are happy to have
Erick back in our community and thrilled that he chose Community Action to continue his lifelong
commitment to serving others."

As part of the 3-Drivers Event Series and in partnership with the chambers and visitors bureaus in Walworth County, we will be launching a Take Charge Challenge on April 5th. Walworth County is resilient and filled with businesses and residents who are up for the challenge of building back bigger and better! We know you are ready to “Take Charge” of your business, personal, and organizational futures! For the month of April we challenge you to reach out and embrace opportunities to grow your business, educate yourself and your staff, and ignite your personal and professional development.

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The Dementia Friendly Community Initiative
Is recruiting new members!
Please join us as we Continue to plan FOR THE Cycling Without Age program!
Our next meeting is
Thursday April 8, 2021 - 8:30 AM - 10 AM
If you wish to meet in-person we will meet at the A.D.R.C. building located at 1910 County Road NN, between the Judicial Building and Lakeland Health Care Center. 
If you prefer the meeting will also be on ZOOM, or you can listen in by phone.   The call in number is: (262)741-7851 and the access code is 0820316.
Check our new web page www.dfcwalworth.org a day or two before the meeting for our agenda
Gateway is committed to serving not only our students but our communities as a whole. In addition to in-demand career education, we offer a number of continuing education courses. Continuing education courses provide training in specific areas for personal or professional development.
Business and Workforce Solutions
Navigate current business challenges and the new normal

Thursday, April 15, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Psychological safety is at the foundation of high performing teams. 
If yours is a psychologically safe work environment, individuals feel comfortable voicing their ideas and opinions without the fear of being judged. For many companies, that’s a far cry from reality. 
Psychological safety is the topic of our next Business & Workforce Solutions webinar. Join us to learn how to determine the level of psychological safety in your company and what to do to improve it.

From an economic standpoint, Walworth County is still very strong. This is good for local businesses and good for businesses looking to locate here. Come find out more about the state of the county, including state and region perspectives. This is a great opportunity to learn how our taxes are being spent, as well as the tax implications for the future and how this all impacts business development going forward.
To register for this free, virtual event, click HERE.
The Importance of Sleep
Getting the right amount of sleep will help you live a healthy lifestyle. Your body needs a good sleep-wake balance to function well. When you sleep well your mind and body renews itself to take on another day.

Simple. Effective. Smart.
That's how you will feel after one experience with our new model of Virtual Job Fairs!
Interviews/Info Sessions will be scheduled from 8am - 4p
March 22- April 4, 2021

How does it work?
Let us do the heavy lifting. All you need to do is
  • Register for your virtual booth
  • Send us your open positions & descriptions and your interview availability
  • Accept or decline applicants for interviews/info sessions
  • Show up to the meetings we've scheduled for you
That's it! The rest is up to you!
The Paycheck Protection Program has been extended through May 31, 2021
President Joe Biden signed the PPP Extension Act of 2021 into law today, extending the Paycheck Protection Program an additional two months to May 31, 2021, and then providing an additional 30-day period for the SBA to process applications that are still pending. Read more here.
Walworth County COVID-19 Phased Guidance 
This document provides broad guidance for recovery from COVID-19 in our community. Walworth County encourages organizations and individuals to consider this guidance and apply it where able. Organizations should feel empowered to implement solutions that best meet their needs and should develop plans to adjust practices in the event of another rise in COVID-19 cases.

If you or a business you know are in need of assistance please reach out