March 2021
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Inside This Issue..Veterans mentor the next generation, South Dakota squadron commander inspires, Alaska Wing cadets highlight cadet life, cadets compete for CyberPatriot title, CAP announces cadet scholarships awards, Foundation and Board of Governors spotlight, Historical Journal issue, alumni spotlight, free resources, final salute and more...
We Celebrate Our Veterans
Helping to Grow Future Leaders

"The nice thing about CAP is it gives you the opportunity to do what you want,” he said. “You can try something you never did in the military. Remember, it’s a group of volunteers.”
Maj. Stanley Nelson (left) of the New Mexico Wing's Roswell Composite Squadron hands a package of COVID-19 test samples to Master Sgt. Jeffrey Barlow of the Falcon Composite Squadron at Albuquerque International Sunport. Photo by Lt. Col. Beverly Vito, Albuquerque Heights Composite Squadron.
U.S. Army veteran Michael Moore is CAP’s national recruiting and retention manager. He spent four years as a combat medic on active duty. He’s also been a CAP member for more than 30 years.

Moore initially joined as a cadet in his hometown in Washington state. Cadets are 12 to 21-year-old members.

During his time as a cadet, Moore served in multiple roles. He even served as an exchange cadet with an equivalent unit in England. He said his stint as a cadet and receiving guidance from military veterans influenced his decision to join the military.

After four years in the Army, he found himself as one of those military veterans influencing cadets. As a senior member, he was in a position to help others and continues to do so. Moore said he’s mentored cadets who have gone on to be a banker, a politician, military members, and graduates of the Air Force Academy, the Naval Academy and West Point.
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Meet Our New South Dakota Wing
Sioux Falls Composite Squadron Commander

"It's not the hurdle in front of you, it's what you can do when you
get over that hurdle."
The CAP squadron in Sioux Falls has a new leader. As a high schooler in the 1990s, Travis Robinson wanted to enter the military. At 16, he was seriously injured in a car crash. Later in life, he found CAP.
Alaska Wing Provides a Tour of CAP
Cadet Life and Highlights
Warning: This Video Makes People Smile
From summer encampments to weekly squadron meetings covering topics in leadership, character development, aerospace education, physical fitness and more, the cadet program has it all!
Video courtesy: Alaska Wing
When I watch videos about cadets, I...
Wish I was a teenager again-how fun!
Am proud of what CAP cadets are experiencing.
Both of the above!
Go Team Go! Meet CAP's CyberPatriot XIII Finalists
Cadet teams from the California, Colorado and North Carolina wings will seek the All Service Division championship this week in the Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot XIII National Youth Cyber Defense Competition. 

The three CAP entries will face off March 20-21 against each other and the 10 other All Service Division competitors – Junior ROTC teams from each of the military services as well as the Naval Sea Cadet Corps. CAP teams won the overall All Service Division championship in 2011, 2012 and 2017.
CAP Awards 93 Cadet Scholarships Worth $155,500
Nearly 100 CAP cadets from 35 wings are receiving academic and flight scholarships worth a combined total of $155,500 in 2021.

Twenty more cadets were recommended for acceptance to the U.S. Air Force Preparatory School in Colorado Springs.

In all, 61 academic scholarships account for $120,500 of the total amount, with 32 flight scholarships totaling the remaining $35,000.

“You had tough competition, and you should be proud of your selection,” Maj. Gen. Mark Smith, CAP’s national commander and CEO, said in a congratulatory message prepared for the scholarship recipients.
Did you know? You can now support CAP's cadet scholarship program by donating appreciated stocks!
CAP Foundation Adds
Women in Aviation Intl. Founder
The founder of Women in Aviation International (WAI) brings her unique voice for women to CAP as the newest trustee for the CAP Foundation.

Dr. Peggy Chabrian — a longtime aviation enthusiast and professional aviation educator who retired as WAI’s president in September 2019 — was appointed last month at the foundation’s February meeting. She joins nine other national leaders and influencers in helping the CAP Foundation provide general support for CAP and its programs and missions, direct financial support to CAP’s operations and scholarships to CAP members.
Board of Governors Gains New Leadership
On Feb. 27 retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Kevin McLaughlin followed Col. Bradford Lynn as chairman of the CAP Board of Governors.

“Col. Lynn has made exceptional contributions to Civil Air Patrol during his tenure as the chairman of the Board of Governors," McLaughlin said. "His vision and team-oriented approach leave us positioned well for the future. We thank him for his outstanding leadership.”

Col. Curtis Boehmer, another CAP at-large member on the board, became vice chairman. The vacancy Lynn leaves is now filled by Col. John R. Longley Jr.
Saving Lives Outside the Pandemic Arena
CAP's search and rescue missions continue. This map represents the number of saves since Oct. 1.
History is So Interesting!

Latest National Historical Journal Includes Feature On Legendary Subchaser
The January-June issue of the newly redesigned Civil Air Patrol National Historical Journal is now available online.
A publication of CAP's National History Program, the journal features articles about the organization's history-makers, the nation’s early experiences with powered flight and the pioneers who championed it over the years, civilian and military aviation, and CAP’s impact as a force multiplier for the U.S. Air Force.
The new issue includes an article on Col. Charles Compton, one of the last surviving CAP subchasers until his death in 2020 at age 104.
From Cadet to Astronaut
Col. Eric Boe Reflects on Discovery 10
Spoiler Alert: 80's Music Might be Involved
NASA astronaut Col. Eric Boe, who piloted the final flight of Space Shuttle Discovery 10 years ago, reflects on his historic flight.
Boe, who got his start in aviation as a Georgia Wing cadet and earned CAP's top cadet honor, the Gen. Carl A. Spaatz Award, recalls his 13-day mission to service the International Space Station in an interview this week with He now holds the CAP rank of colonel in Texas Wing's Ellington Composite Squadron.
Alumni & Friends Spotlight

Henry "Hank" Meiners

Cadet Alumnus, Ohio Wing
Your name: Henry "Hank" Meiners, CAP lieutenant colonel

Home state or unit: Ohio Wing Group 1 Headquarters

Why did you join CAP? I joined CAP in order to operate radio equipment and to fly missions.

What is your current career/retirement life? I am a retired aerospace engineer who moved up from being an auto mechanic, then machine tool assembler, then to a designer of electrical power systems for Proctor and Gamble, then to GE Aircraft Engines as an engineer, then to teaching in the Clermont County, Ohio school system.

What specific CAP experiences/mentors influenced your career or life? Back in 1956, I worked with an Ohio squadron to set up an SCR-522 radio for a mission based at Ohio State University. That inspired me to finally become a member in 1990 as a senior member and fledgling pilot.

Anything else we didn’t ask that you would like to share about the importance of CAP yesterday, today, and tomorrow? I’ve held an amateur radio license for quite some time and am now an examiner with extra class. I have retired from flight which started in 1980 when I joined up GE. I have also pretty much retired from the lay ministry with the Methodist Church and the Church of God, which gave me
impetus to become an MLO (now character development instructor). After retirement from the
engineering world, I went into 19 years of serving the Clermont County Educational Service Center
as a substitute teacher and retired at the end of the school year in 2019.
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Looking back on 2020 reminds us of a year filled with changes. Through it all, what never wavered was our commitment to America’s communities. We are so grateful for the friends who lent their support to CAP, no matter the circumstances. Thank you!

We want to provide you with a resource that others like you have found helpful in taking control of their planning. Our personal estate planning kit is a tool that can be used to facilitate your future estate plans, document your intentions for your family and your loved ones, and support the causes most dear to you.
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