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What does Fundemonium do in 2021?
Ahhh January.
This year has special meaning. We made it through 2020 with the help of our great customers. Also in 2020 I turned 60 years old.

When doing my long range planning I will set 5-year goals such as open another store or expand the current one. I even developed a plan for a $9 million multi-acre hobby park. This year I realized I have to think about retiring. In 5 to 10 years I either have to turn over operations to a trained staff, sell to new owners, or close Fundemonium.

I do not want to close. My plan is to build Fundemonium into such an amazing place that people will be lining up for a chance to take over and operate Fundemonium long into the future.

Changes coming up soon:
  • Expanding the rock crawling course to two levels.
  • Enlarging the indoor RC track for 1/10 scale racing.
  • Installing a commercial grade slot car track.
  • Rebuilding the kids play area

I'll be posting about these upgrades in the coming weeks. When Covid restrictions lift Fundemonium will be ready!
What's the Plan Steve?
Rocks on the move.
Slot car track coming soon
New Items at Fundemonium!
A lot of new games and models this week. A perfect way to deal with being at home during the rainy weather this week.
Warhammer 40K new releases
The new Dark Angels release can be preordered now. We also have the new Death Guard book and models in stock now!
Drift Cars, Mustangs, and a Squishable
Drift cars and Mustangs back in stock at Fundemonium. We even have a Squishable Mustang for the kids.
Redcat Lowrider Impalas on the way!
1964 Impala lowriders have shipped!
Only one of each color is coming.
They will be here Tuesday.
Call to reserve yours.
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Thank you,
Steven and Jean Elliott