July 2020
It's all coming together!
Mask Maker, Mask Maker, Make Me a Mask
We asked and you all delivered! Wild Plum Center was in need of 400 masks and it took our community less than a month to make them and get them to us. WOW! We are so grateful for everyone's support and generosity and look forward to the new school year with confidence that we can safely cater to the needs of our 250 students and their families.
Longs Peak Additions
With the current surge of COVID-19 comes a greater demand for adaptability and change. We have gone through a lot of reform these last few months and are so proud of our Leadership Team and our dedicated staff for making it look easy.

Pictured here, we have begun adapting our outdoor space at our Longs Peak site. With social distancing in order, we needed a way to move students to and from classrooms safely, without all utilizing the same entry point. New fencing will allow our students and teachers to safely access separate entry points at the Longs Peak building.
Back to School Drive

Our Preschool students have been out of the classrooms since the middle of March and we are so excited to welcome all 250 kiddos back September 8th. There's one catch, we need your help!

With all the new guidelines in place we have gone through great precautions to ensure our students and staffs' safety. Many of our learning resources that the children and staff knew and loved were made of materials that aren't able to be sufficiently cleaned and live in the classrooms. That being said, stocking the classroom looks a little bit different this year.

Additionally, we are putting together “school at home kits.” Many of our students struggled last spring when the pandemic hit, they had none or limited school/art supplies at home to go along with our online learning. We would like all off our students this year to be prepared for whatever may lie ahead. The goal is to get enough supplies for all the classrooms and for every child at home.

If you are able to help and donate any items, we would greatly appreciate the support! ONE pair of scissors could bring so much joy to a child through an at home learning kit.

In order to maintain social distancing, we've made it simple.
Go to Amazon and directly send it to us.

Here is a wish list from our education team. (with links to Amazon):

All orders can be mailed directly to:
Wild Plum Center
Attn. Catherine Blackwell
839 Meeker St.
Longmont, CO 80504

If you prefer, you can simply make a monetary contribution by clicking the button below.


We know a LOT is up in the air right now, but if you or someone you know is in need of a vibrant learning environment for a child between 0-5 please reach out to enrollment@wildplumcenter.org or fill out an online application . All of our services are at no-cost to qualifying families. For eligibility requirements please click here .