We’ve all been getting a lesson on the positives and negatives of distance these past months. It’s so hard to be apart from family and friends, but we know that physical distancing is keeping us safe. Read on to learn more about how distance plays into our members’ stories, and how we continue to serve families during the pandemic. One of the ways we’re serving is through our National Virtual Family Forum -- registration is still open for all families affected by workplace tragedy.
Two perspectives on tragedy and distance
Physical distancing is protecting us from the COVID-19 virus -- we all do our best to keep a distance of two metres or more. When it comes to hazards and incidents on the job, distance and measurements can play a huge role. Millimetres make the difference between safety and the worst outcome. Kilometres can influence severity or healing and determine the path of a family’s grief. This month, two Threads of Life family members share how distance affected their own experience. Russ tells of his life-altering injury on a remote logging road, and Leica describes the sorrow of her son’s death while he was working thousands of kilometres away.
How your support is helping families cope in spite of distancing
Many things slowed or stopped for the pandemic, but the need for Threads of Life’s programs and services continues. In fact, the isolation increases some families’ need for support, and we know work-related injuries and deaths continue to leave more people in need of help. Thankfully, Threads of Life is well positioned to offer that help, even when we can’t meet face to face. Our Volunteer Family Guide program has always offered peer support by phone, matching people with shared experience from different communities and sometimes different provinces. We have many resources online or an email away, and this fall we’ll bring people affected by workplace tragedies together for a virtual family forum, to learn better ways to cope with grief and the changes brought by injury and illness. None of this would be possible without the loyal commitment of funders and partners like you. Thank you for continuing to care about those affected by work-related tragedies. If you know someone who could benefit from Threads of Life’s programs, please encourage them to reach out to us.
Dress up days and swear jars and more
Just as Threads of Life adapts, we know our corporate partners have also had to adapt in many ways. Some of the fundraising events you previously held to raise funds on behalf of Threads of Life are no longer possible. Threads of Life still has a need for those funds so we thought we would put on our thinking caps and share some ideas for alternate fundraising activities. Let’s consider this an opportunity to try something new and different! As a company, you can approach this from a fresh and positive perspective to provide stress relief for your employees, while at the same time fulfilling your corporate social responsibilities. See if one of our ideas inspires you! Please reach out to us if you would like to discuss your fundraising plans. We have print and electronic materials that can help support your efforts, and would be happy to help raise awareness of your activity through social media.
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