May 2018 Newsletter
Connect With the Wellspring Group Community
While Growing in Your Engaging Skills!
Engaging from a
Compassionate Heart
Advanced Skills Training in
Listening in Four Directions
When: Sat., June 23, 8:45 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Where: Perimeter Church- Johns Creek, GA
Cost: $30 - includes lunch, refreshments and materials
Registration deadline: June 11th

Experiencing the Fellowship in Work
“Awe and satisfaction.” Those are the two words that describe what I felt coming out of the Wellspring Group board retreat held in April.

Our Board has been an extraordinarily hard-working one, with crucial committee work being the norm in-between our meetings. This year our retreat was an affirmation of tremendous growth both individually and as a group committed to shepherding this ministry into what God has for us.
As we ended the weekend reflecting on how we had experienced the last few days together, one after another beautiful testimonies of how people experienced a relationally oriented, productive, working retreat ministered to my heart. In that moment as I saw the beauty of the body of Christ, as I saw a team functioning far beyond my capacity, I was deeply humbled and in awe of God’s grace. 
God has used this group of people to commune in a relational way that allows growth and healing to take place in the dynamics of our board meetings and our times together. This is beyond what I could have done. Each person is playing their part. We were being the Fellowship. We lived and led out of authentic community.
- Larry Bolden

During our time together, I believe we all affirmed that we had done extraordinary “results work” but also extraordinary “relational work,” that reinforced each other, said John Purcell, Wellspring Board Chairman. On a working team such as our Board, you can’t really do one of those well without the other. The results are greater because our relationships make open and honest dialogue and debate safe and normal. The relationships are growing because we are honoring and respecting each other by getting our work done well, both individually and collectively.
- John Purcell, Wellspring Group Chairman of the Board

Live Transformed, From a Whole Heart, In Biblical Community. This speaks to our vision at Wellspring Group. As men and women participate in the Battle for the Heart, we seek to inspire and equip them to live deep, from a whole heart, in biblical community. This isn't something we simply communicate in our retreats, but we long to live and lead this way as a staff, and an organization. We long for others to see and be part of a fellowship God has designed.
Experiencing the Fellowship in our Battle Team
In the past I so wanted to pursue hearts but was not effective at doing it. Now I am gaining words and tools to understand my own heart and also pursue other's hearts.

It’s what I needed. The focus of living from the whole heart creates an environment for deep, authentic community that I have always worked to build as a small group leader. Sharing straight from the heart takes things so much deeper at a much faster pace.
“We are only on week 5 in the battle process and I am gaining awareness and already intentionally fighting for the hearts of others and they are doing the same for me"
In our group we are already seeing fruits of transformation as God is taking us off of cruise control, getting us in touch with our hearts and bringing us out of the ruts. Experiencing love through Truth and others in the group is already bringing about change in our lives.
- Amy Starkes, Johns Creek, GA
Friday Night Fellowship Opportunity
on June 22nd!
All Battle alumni and spouses are invited to drop by for a casual time of fellowship at

The home of Larry & Mary Bolden
5971 Spalding Park Place,
Norcross, GA
Friday, June 22nd
from 6 – 8 p.m.

Heavy hors d’oeuvres will be served.

How do You Maintain Fellowship even in the craziness of the summer?
Evil is hunting you and there is a Fellowship that desires to protect you and propel you into your part of the story.
Your story includes this summer!
by Larry Bolden
We're Offering
Silent Retreats
This Fall!

5 Day Retreat
Wednesday, Oct 17 – Sunday, Oct 21
3 Day Retreat
Friday, Oct 19 - Sunday, Oct 21

Visit or contact Anisa for more details.