Volume 6 | October 23, 2020
BHA Principal's Update
Assalamu Alaikum Dear BHA families,

We are approaching our reopening date and understand you may have questions regarding the details of our new Hybrid Model. We are grateful for your support as we continue to work together to make this a possibility for our students in the most safe and thoughtful way possible. Let's continue to work together to make sure that we are practicing recommended health and safety measures in order to keep our community infection rates low, keep our school open and prepared for Phase 2 Insha'Allah.

After much collaboration with the admin and staff and brainstorming different scheduling options, we have come up with the best possible schedule under the circumstances. Both models (virtual and in person) require the complete reorganization of master schedules. After much deliberation, we were able to come up with a schedule that would not disrupt the hard work and relationships that teachers and students have already built.

We plan to explore a concurrent/simultaneous teaching model for some of our lower grades and for all of our 4th grade and up students. This model essentially means the teacher will be teaching the virtual and in person students at the same time. We have made the necessary technological accommodations to make this possible Insha'Allah.

We have included an updated Re-entry Plan along with a section for frequently asked questions. We hope this will help you further understand the new model and we look forward to working together during these unprecedented times to ensure our children are receiving a robust and enriched learning experience.

Jazakumu Allahu Khairan,

Muhammad Aftab Diwan, MEd
Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why are the timings different between the in person and virtual learners?
We have designed our schedule to ensure consistency throughout all grade levels, keeping in mind our Phase 2 reopening of our MD/HS campus Insha'Allah. We have also taken their Social Emotional Learning into consideration by allowing for one period block (11:05-11:55am) to be concurrently taught (1st-3rd). This will help our virtual learners to not only receive live instruction, but also to feel part of the class and see their peers, allowing for inclusivity. You may refer to the re-entry plan included above for a breakdown of the schedule.
Overall, both in person and virtual learners from 1st to 5th grade will receive approximately same amount and quality of instruction. There is a slight difference remaining in instructional time between the virtual and in person instruction which is compensated by the fact that in most of the classes, the teacher student ratio for virtual learning is less.

  • What does Friday FLEX day stand for?
We have set aside Friday as a FLEX day to allow teachers to schedule (on a as needed basis) extra sessions with the class, a small group or one student. FLEX day is for our students to complete assignments or communicate via email with their teachers in the event they have any questions.
Additionally, it will give our teachers an opportunity and time for preparation, planning, collaboration and professional development.

  • What does drop off and dismissal look like?
We plan to communicate our plan in detail shortly Insha'Allah.
  • Is there an after school program?
We do not have an after school program scheduled at this time. Please pick up your child on time.

Coming prepared with all supplies the first day of school is the first step to an organized student. Attached is information on how to be prepared as well as the supplies needed for each grade. Carefully read and follow ALL instructions.
We are contracted with Lands End to provide our school uniforms. Please refer to the attached document for vendor link and uniform requirements.
A Note From The Teacher
Shout out to Shumayl and Alyan from first grade for always being on time for zoom sessions. Always turning in their work and always participating. I am so proud of how you come in to the live sessions with a big smile, greet me with a beautiful Salam and look as presentable as you would if attending class in-person. You are always ready to learn and that is so motivating to me and keeps me going :)
Mrs. Asma Nawabi
AP Course Exam Fees: Last Week to Pay!

Please remember to pay the exam fees by next Friday, Oct 30th if you want to avoid late fees. The fee is refundable if you don't take the test after all.

Exam Fees: $95 each (refundable)
Where to Pay: Please pay Ms. Saba at AG campus. If paying at CC, then email a snapshot of the receipt to Ms. Saba (saba.amber@issdweb.org).

Late Fees: $40 + $95 each, if you decide to take it after the ordering deadline
October Character trait: Patience
A Message from our PTO

On the occasion of our school's successful end of first academic quarter, the PTO is presenting to you a wonderful activity for the whole family to participate in on Friday, November 6th, at 5:00 pm. Art Family Night will be hosted by our very own Ms. Julia Roach. Join us on Zoom and explore the artists within your family as you will get to participate in a creative artistic experience. Ms. Julia is very passionate about art, and instructs her own Art Club for students on the weekends. Please come to the zoom session ready with multimedia paper, acrylic paint in blue, yellow and red and some paintbrushes.

Also, the PTO would like to thank all you who took their families out for an ice-cream treat from Creamistry last weekend and supported our fundraising efforts. Please look-out for our next flyer featuring a scrumptious invite to our next fundraising event at Charminar Indian Restaurant next Friday. We hope to bring venues in different parts of San Diego each time that would be most convenient for you to visit and enjoy.

Elementary Enrichment Activities
Please contact enrichment club advisor if you are interested in signing up!
Science/Tinker Club
Journalism & Media Club
Bright Horizon Academy
Clairemont Campus 
(858) 278-7970
Allied Gardens Campus
(858) 250-0972