What does the Number 21 mean to You?
For Nathaniel and me, the number 21 took on a new meaning when we flew back home from Chicago to New York, which made it the 21st round-trip flight for us in 2017 - 3 of them international flights, and many of them connecting flights! Nathaniel has not made this many landings and takeoffs in over 60 years when he was a pilot in the US Air Force!

Yes, a lot of schlepping this past year, to schools near and far. Each individual visit was so special. The people, educators, parents, and students, were so very warm and welcoming. Tiring and exhausting, of course, but also enormously fulfilling, with much applause, and often, standing ovations at the end of a presentation.
But most importantly, my hope is that the universal messages of kindness, respect, and tolerance that were shared will be remembered, practiced, and lived.

2018 is right around the corner, and we already have 3 flights scheduled for January, and 2 for February. It looks like a heavy spring schedule ahead of us. So we best be sure we eat properly, and remember to take our vitamins!

With all of the above said, Nathaniel and I wish each of you a meaningful and enjoyable Holiday Season, and a Healthy, Happy, Productive 2018, in a
World of Love and Peace.

Hugs, Marion

Marion Blumenthal Lazan
Four Perfect Pebbles
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