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[Pronounced, "lawn-yop," noun, meaning an extra or unexpected gift or benefit]
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I am so proud of my new book, " The Opposite of Burnout --5 Career Strategies to Feel Valued, Be Heard and Make a Difference"! I know it can help you build a creative, sustainable, enjoyable career.

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A rare celestial occurrence called a 'Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse' will occur on January 31, 2018.
Blue Moon  is when two full moons happen in the same calendar month. Interestingly, there is no Full Moon in February and, again, two full moons in March! A  lunar eclipse is when the moon passes into Earth's shadow; not all that rare in itself, but for it to occur during a full moon is it is called a Blood Moon because it reflects the Earth's shadow as red. S upermoons  happen when is the near-Earth point of the moon's orbit coincides with a full moon. More on the science here .
Being mostly water, you are affected by lunar events! There are many interpretations--prophesies, even--about the significance of these events, but your inner wisdom is best. Grab a journal, a cup of tea, an delicious essential oil blend (like Dreamcatcher or Awaken) and look inside to find what meaning they hold for you, at this time and place in your journey.
Here are some thoughts and questions to stimulate your inquiry...[ Read More]

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Essential Wellness Coaching
Essential Strategy #1:
Your body is your vehicle for life. You will only go as far as it takes you. Just like your car requires basic care and maintenance, your body is a machine that has certain requirements in order to function. Unlike your car, however, your body is highly complex and has contingency systems built in that allow you to go for some time, for example, without proper fuel (nutrition). Contingency systems operate at greater expense. These contingency systems fool you into thinking you can disregard your body's requirements forever. You cannot.

For optimal, sustainable functioning-for you to be and do all you want to be and do in this life-your body's basic needs must be met. It has 5 Non-Negotiables: nutrition, sleep, activity, stress management, and mindset. If you think you can justify compromising them, you're fooling yourself. If you think you are beating them, you're losing. That's why they are NON-NEGOTIABLE.

No need to make this difficult. No need to psychoanalyze your issues. No need to "should" all over yourself. Just "move in the direction" of increased self-management.

Cool Thing I'm Loving NOW...

Temporary tattoos from Conscious Ink Inspirations! Their tagline is "What do you want to manifest today?" They offer inspirations in 25 manifestation categories--from Athletic Visualization to Zodiac Constellations--so you can keep your intention VISIBLE. How perfect--and fun--for master manifesters like us!

Is there something cool you're loving now, that's helping you live a more intentional life? Please share it with me.
Women's Empowerment Seminar
Date Change! You can still join us. March 10, 2018

Pamela M. Covington, Author, Speaker and Advocate, created this day of celebration and invited me to be a part of it! Join us!

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