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June 26, 2017 --  What gets in the way?
            "What gets in the way"
In a family business it is how we deal with the daily challenges that get in the way of most things in our lives. We work late and don't spend enough time with family. We take home the "negatives" of the day creating an attitude in our spouse, of the unfairness of the rest of the family toward us. Conflict, or animosity, or jealously will come from the family business getting in the way of honest communication and mutual success. Too often we spend so much time trying to prove our worth in the business, that we neglect our spouse, children and other family members. What is it that gets in your way of being a real family? Become a family again -   
                "Let it go"
Nothing gets in the way if you "let it go." Having a schedule for the family will enable each family member to have time for their immediate family. Resolving issues before you leave for the day will "let go" of the negatives shared with your spouse. Having rules, roles, a method for dealing with issues and making decisions will enable all to "let go" of conflict, animosity and jealously. When a family in business works for the greater good of all the family, each family member will have the support and ability to "let go" of all those things that get in the way of the joy, yes real joy, of working together in business. The only one that can "let it go" is you. You must "let go" giving up on others that don't seem to budge from their ways. You must "let it go" and embrace change and new ways of think about business and solid family time. You must be the first to "let it go." As Larry the cable guy says, "Get r done!" - no one is going to do it for you! Become a family again!

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Kwaiserism "Don't allow the busyness of the business get in the way
  of family relationships - become a family again."