October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month & National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and
Red Ribbon (Week October 23rd -31st)

Dear HCC Member:
The Fall season continues and HCC wants to know what gets your attention? We have many projects and opportunities for you to volunteer!

This HCC October Newsletter has some really valuable resources for you regarding National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month & National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Don't miss the Bullying Article with resources by one of our HCC members -Michele Waterman.

As per our last meeting we are still looking for Prize donations for our Youth Video Contest. (Find the donation form below) Also, if you are new to HCC or just learning about the coalition, you can find us on Facebook @yourlife-yourchoicehcc or you can find more information on our website:  http://www.yourlife-yourchoice.com/ .
Thank you all for that you do in the community!
Thank You For Doing What You Do
HCC would like to recognize members for their great contributions!  This month, we would like to spotlight Law Enforcement for their involvement with HCC. Please give special thanks to Cattaraugus County Probation, Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office, and the Olean Police Department for performing additional patrols over the summer to help educate local parents and youth on the dangers of substance use. 
October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.
By Michelle Waterman - Cattaraugus Community Action

28% of U.S. students in grades 6–12 experienced bullying 1 and approximately 30% of young people admit to bullying others in surveys 2 . This month, National Bullying Prevention Month, refresh yourself on how to handle both victims and bullies. 

Age 23 from Pennsylvania
Beginning around the time of 6th and into 7th grade I began to experience what it's like to be bullied by those you thought were your friends. I was harassed in class, while presenting projects, while teachers that were supposed to be there to protect me simply stood by and said nothing. Things escalated from there to the point where an actual hate channel was created on YouTube so that people who hated me could have a place to convene and talk trash on me.

Age 15 from WI
It started in 3rd grade. I moved to a different school district and I wasn't sure if I was gonna fit in. I chose to be myself. It was 3rd grade.. puberty hadn't happened and I didn't look the best. People judged me on my size. I laughed a lot cause I was always nervous so they called me names cause when I laughed my face turned red.
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Bullying Prevention Awareness Video
October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The Link Between Substance Abuse And Domestic Violence

NO ONE IS 100 PERCENT exempt from the consequences of alcohol and drug abuse – not even celebrities like American actress and model Teri Copley, who sought intervention from Dr. Phil on behalf of her daughter, Ashley. In an episode on the show, viewers get to take a peek inside the twisted world of an individual whose life has been torn asunder by toxic relationships and substance abuse addiction.
October 23rd -31st

Red Ribbon Week is just around the corner and educators, parents, law enforcement and community members across the nation are making final preparations to make this year's celebration of healthy choices the most impactful ever.
If you are looking for  outstanding curriculum ideas , we have you covered. National Family Partnership is dedicated to regularly updating our curriculum suggestions to give you the latest prevention tools. Red Ribbon Week is supposed to be fun - but more importantly, it's an opportunity to educate students and families about the importance of a healthy, drug free lifestyle. Read more

Next meeting is November 1st!
W e will be participating in a focus group regarding the community health needs of Cattaraugus County.   In addition to attending the meeting and participating in the focus group, please also take the time to complete this survey from the Cattaraugus County Health Department:  http://www.getstrategy.com/CattaraugusCountyCommunitySurvey/

  All who participate in the survey are eligible to be entered into a drawing to receive 1 of 2 $50 Chamber of Commerce gift cards. The deadline for survey completion is October 31, 2018.
Help Is Only A Phone Call Away!
Youth Crisis Hotline Information
  Cattaraugus Community Action
24-Hour Crisis Hotline  (888) 945-3970
Olean General Hospital
24-Hour Crisis Hotline  (800) 339-5209
24-Hour Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741

Youth Summit & Suicide Prevention Lifeline