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I know what it feels like to go back to work after Christmas. You’ve had plenty of time to eat mince pies, drink mulled wine and spend time with your family (maybe for the millionth time watch Home Alone). It’s hard to find motivation, especially when everyone is talking about their New Year resolutions, which, we all know, will flop within the first couple of weeks.

But why not make this year different? To me, New Year means new opportunities to become a better artist than I was last year. It’s time to create new shows, learn new skills or for some of you stop waiting for the right moment and start a new career.

And I know a person or… four , who embraced the change and ignored those who said that it’s too late to follow your passion. It’s better late than never!

So if this gloomy January you are lacking some inspiration to start something new, then read the stories of our wonderful ‘50 over 50’ interviewees.

She started dancing when she was 4 and just never stopped!

First Fenella trained in ballet, contemporary and jazz, later in life she discovered and fell in love with Flamenco and Spanish dance. Despite many obstacles and her parents telling her to get a ‘real job’, she found her own way to pursue a career in dance.

At the age of 25, Suzi was told that she was too old to become a professional singer. Thankfully she didn’t listen to them!

Without any formal training, lack of her family support and constantly moving countries, she still persevered and now wows us with her unique voice and brilliant shows.

Quirky performances with characters made out of vegetables might not seem like a career path. Natalie didn’t think that either but then at the age of 40 she quit her day job and became Madame Zucchini.

She truly believes that working with vegetables is therapeutic… and you can eat them at the end of the show too!

Space age costumes and songs about apple crumble - there’s no doubt Natalie isn’t scared to be different in order to entertain her audience.

At the age of 53, she sold her soul to the Cowell Empire and entered for Britain’s Got Talent. Simon didn’t understand her famous ‘Apple Crumble’ song but instead, she left with a Golden Buzzer from David Walliams!
What is ‘50 over 50’?

A campaign I created on my 50th birthday to celebrate women, who are my age or older and are still performing in show business. I know that there are many artists who keep challenging the perception that the entertainment industry is reserved for only young people only. Hence why I want to share their stories and inspire women to not give up on their dreams and follow their passions.

Are you over 50 and still performing? Want to share your story? Or maybe you know someone incredibly empowering?

Then drop us a line at sorcha@sorchara.com or call on 0203 637 3053 . We would love to hear from you!
.... brilliant; extremely professional, really easy to work with and, most importantly, really, really well received by the audience!"   Sophie Parkinson, Senior Account Executive, Fresh

Delightful costumes, always helpful and friendly and a true crowd pleaser, Sorcha is exactly the kind of entertainer that makes me delighted to put on events.’   Anna Strickland, Missing Link Productions