Local Elections have consequences, especially for our children.


Unfortunately, the CCISD $367 million dollar bond passed and not only will our property taxes increase but our children will be strapped paying this debt, if they chose to live in the district, when they become tax paying adults.


Read the Clear Lake Tea Party's statement here            

Clear Lake Tea Party                Local Election Edition, Issue 4         May 16, 2013


In This Edition:
Who won? What passed?
What is Battleground TX?
Good News!
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CLTP is doing the hard work to prevent tax increases!









Clear Lake Tea Party 

 (CLTP's next meeting: June 6th!)



Galveston County TEA Party



  Deer Park/La Porte Tea Party 




Pearland TEA Party



Alvin TEA Party Patriots 



Lake Jackson TEA Party



Clear Lake Area Republicans 






Did you know? 


CLTP was asked to divulge inappropriate information by the IRS in 2010. 

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See what the IRS demanded from us here.

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Who won and what passed?


Election result information by county:


In Harris County, 52 political entities conducted their own election during the May election cycle. Please contact respective political entities directly for specific information pertaining to these elections, including election results. 


Galveston County


Brazoria County 


Election result information by ISD:


Alvin ISD


LaPorte ISD


Clear Creek ISD 




They are here, organized, and funded.
Want proof? Look at local election results. 
At this point, inactivity is not an option!



Good News!


College of the Mainland Election


The almost $500 million dollar Lone Star College Bond failed! 

Read more here.




MORE Good News!


There is a new Tea Party in our area.....


Check out the Deer Park - La Porte Tea Party and show them your support! The CLTP is extremely excited to hear this fantastic news and look forward to working these patriots!




Sending a huge "THANK YOU" to all who worked for your candidates, or for your stance on a referendum, this election!


Without Patriots like you, we would not have a fighting chance.


Didn't like the election results? Now is the time to start working for the November General Election 2013. 

Just do it!


In case you missed it:


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Tanya Robertson
Publishing Editor