Whether you give your time, talent or treasure,
we appreciate you!
Your contribution helps us to help those in need.
You are making a difference in people's lives!
How you're helping people in need. . .A note from a client:

"I guess you would call me 'working poor'. Just can't ever seem to get ahead. Then I got sick and couldn't work. My car died. Without help from The Caring Place I would have been evicted. With the hand up from The Caring Place, now I feel cared for and have hope. 

I am back at work and things are starting to stabilize. Thank you for everything!"


We are running very low on boxed cereal. Would you please consider donating a box (or more) to our Food Pantry? Thank you!
The Caring Place and The City of Georgetown Partner to Help Families in Need.

Good Neighbor Fund 
The City of Georgetown sponsors the Good Neighbor Fund, a program to assist eligible Georgetown Utility Systems customers who are having difficulty paying their bill. Voluntary contributions from customers fund this program, which is administered by The Caring Place on behalf of the City. Every dollar helps!  Contributions can be made to the fund by paying the total due on your utility bill, plus one dollar or donors can enroll online to pledge a monthly donation by clicking here.

     Open to the Public!


Anyone Can Shop at our thrift stores!

Your purchases help us to do more good!

You help us to assist families in need when you purchase items in our thrift stores, The Shops at The Caring Place and Second Helping. We appreciate you shopping with us!

Click here for television interview about how your donations are helping!
Board Meeting
Monday, September 25, 2017
3:30 p.m.
Client Services Conference Room
2000 Railroad Avenue

Membership Council Meeting
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
3:30 p.m.
Client Services Conference Room
2000 Railroad Avenue
(Refreshments available at 3:00 p.m.)
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Find The Caring Place on Ebay! Click the link below to discover fantastic items for sale! Your purchases benefit The Caring Place!

Your purchases in our thrift stores, The Shops at The Caring Place, and Second Helping help The Caring Place realize its mission to assist families in financial crisis.
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The Caring Place Mission

Honoring its faith-based roots, The Caring Place serves the community as a welcoming and purposeful organization, responding to the basic human needs of people in Georgetown and rural Williamson County.
Another Week of Caring
 August, 14, 2017
Volume 15 Issue 17
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