July 1, 2020
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What happens in the ADHD brain?
by Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC, CPCC, ACG
What happens in the ADHD brain is a mystery of the universe; right? Maybe, but once in a while, I coach someone and get a glimpse of the unique logic that is ADHD or at least what works for one person with ADHD. My thanks to EV for agreeing to let me share her unique logic. It matters little if it makes sense to you. What matters is that it works for her. Like most with ADHD, her process might not be mainstream, but it works for her.
Check out my blogpost, " What happens in the ADHD brain? " that includes her narrative to a simple math problem. I hope you’ll get a WOW out of it and that you’ll embrace your unique logic and accept it as EV has in that it works for you and that’s all that matters. Here's the link: www.digcoaching.com/what-happens-in-the-adhd-brain/.
Jeff Copper
ADHD and Attention Coach

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It's a unique time in world and American history. For the first time we're basically putting the world on hold to combat the Coronavirus. Many are starting to have to work at home and be productive. This can be a challenge for those who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, ADHD coach Jeff Copper ( www.digcoaching.com) shares thoughts, insights, tips, tricks, and strategies to help you manage yourself and be as productive as you can at home. If you are working from home with ADHD, this is a show you don't want to miss.
We can't see the wind, but we can see evidence of its effects. We can't witness a child’s struggles with working memory, but we can see evidence of its effects... the challenge of regulating attention. At the 2019 Parents’ Palooza telesummit, ADHD coach Jeff Copper ( www.digcoaching.com) was interviewed by ADHD coach Linda Roggli ( www.addiva.net) and ADHD parent coach Elaine Taylor-Klaus ( www.impactadhd.com) around working memory in children. The interview was excellent and can’t be reproduced. So, with the permission of Parents’ Palooza ( www.adhdpalooza.com/parents/), we aired one of the most insightful conversations I've ever had with ADHD community greats. If you're a parent of an ADHD child and want game-changing information, please listen to this interview. Special thanks to Elaine and Linda for allowing us to release the interview.
Gregg Krech of The ToDo Institute ( www.todoinstitute.org; www.thirtythousanddays.org) writes, “Our sensory experience, more than ever before, is primarily with touch screens, computer keyboards, and viewing digital pixelated images. This nearly invisible virus brings with it an army of truly invisible demons which include depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness, boredom, anger, sadness and more.” In this interview ADHD coach Jeff Copper ( www.digcoaching.com) interviews Gregg around his knowledge of Japanese psychology and the development of attention skills to be with things that are uncomfortable as a means for you to "be" in a more healthful way. If you have ADHD and struggle with demons as described, tune in. Gregg shares valuable insights that you will find useful.
It's human nature to want clarity, to want to control, to want things to be known. Uncertainty can disrupt routines, decrease productivity, and trigger a sense of vulnerability. COVID-19 has brought a wave of uncertainty that is challenging for many with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. With it comes anxiety and emotional frustration. In this podcast, ADHD coach Jeff Copper ( www.digcoaching.com) interviews Gregg Krech of the ToDo Institute ( www.todoinstitute.org; www.thirtythousanddays.org). They talk about dealing with uncertainty, anxiety, and your emotional state. If ambiguity or uncertainty is discomforting for you, we encourage you to listen to Gregg for strategies and insights.
The ADHD experience feels overwhelming, chaotic, disorganized, and is often described as a hot mess, which is exactly what motivated Kimberly to seek coaching. In this interview ADHD coach Jeff Copper ( www.digcoaching.com) has an open discussion regarding the coaching experience, transforming Kimberly from a hot mess to a hot success. This episode won't be just a lived experience. They talk about specific situations and new mindsets that transformed Kimberly’s life. If you want to see what transformation looks like, don't miss this interview.

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ADHD in Real Life: Protecting Yourself from Yourself
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is an issue of self-regulation, the ability to pause and override your urge for something pleasurable. In this video ADHD coach Jeff Copper shares an experience coaching an individual with ADHD who realized in order to self-regulate he had to protect himself from himself. Watch this video as Jeff explains the brilliant way this particular individual was able to inhibit his ability to get distracted. It's an extreme measure, but if it works, it's something you should consider. If you've got ADHD, watch this video to understand how hard things can be and what you need to do sometimes to manage yourself. https://youtu.be/MQSaGnKDn2o
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ADHD and the Blues
Many people with ADHD struggle with emotional self-regulation and getting the blues can be a part of that. In this episode of Attention Talk Video, ADHD coach Jeff Copper shares his personal experience about realizing the pattern of his blues and how he managed them. If you struggle with the blues, watch this video and learn from Jeff's experience. It might give you some insight to help you manage yours. https://youtu.be/2NZ3svAQwJA
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ADHD, Working Memory, and Office Design
Office furniture is designed for neurotypicals. Is it designed for those with ADHD in mind? In this video, ADHD coach Jeff Copper talks about the role working memory plays in ADHD and the importance of designing a workspace or office environment that's suited for those with ADHD. Jeff shares key concepts that can help you be more productive and make it easier for you to self-regulate. If you realize that the work environment and the tools around you are important to your productivity, this is a video you don't want to miss. https://youtu.be/GgtR0Ih-DYM
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Working Memory: Your ADHD GPS
Those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder often get off track. They blame it on a lack of focus. In this video ADHD coach Jeff Copper shares the concept of a GPS to understand how working memory is at play; it's not just a lack of character or focus. The metaphor has insights to help you understand more of what is at issue, how you get off task, and some of the legitimate reasons you stray. Having the awareness helps you manage your day and down-regulate the blame and shame by helping you understand “why” your ADHD is challenging. https://youtu.be/y2hptENsK0w
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ADHD and Online Learning: Too Good to Be True?
Online learning sounds convenient, sexy, and the way of the future. But is it the be-all/end-all for those with ADHD? Not always. In this video ADHD coach Jeff Copper shares insights from coaching those with ADHD in the online learning world. Online learning has its advantages, but for many with ADHD, it has disadvantages. Get the education you need to understand if online learning is right for you and your ADHD. Watch this video. https://youtu.be/kcaGNw2EBFU
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ADHD: Is It Voice-Activated?
Those with ADHD struggle with verbal and non-verbal working memory. Do they talk a lot just to hear themselves or is there a reason for it. In this episode of Attention Talk Video, ADHD coach Jeff Copper discusses verbal and nonverbal working memory and why those with ADHD are sometimes voice-activated. https://youtu.be/Wfpmbo7Yslc
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ADHD Tip: Innocent Questions Have Triggers
Got ADHD? Did you know working memory challenges often impact your ability to focus? in this video, ADHD coach Jeff Copper shares the concept of using questions as triggers to help you recall something or retrieve existing knowledge and help you activate on everything from packing to planning. If you have ADHD, you might consider investing the time to watch this short video. https://youtu.be/kLqwdxNR0iw
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