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July 2017
Current Funding Opportunities 

Federal Opportunities:

Transitional Living Program and Maternity Group Homes (HHS). Department of Health and Human Services announces funds to implement, enhance, and/or support promising intervention strategies for the effective transition of homeless youth. The projects must provide safe, stable, and appropriate shelter for up to 21 months and comprehensive services that support the transition of homeless youth to stable living.
$20,056,829 is available for 103 awards and a match is required.
Deadline: 7/14/17

2017 Hospital-Based Adoption Support Services (HHS). Department of Health and Human Services announces funds to improve hospital-based adoption support services for pregnant and expectant mothers through training of  hospital-based adoption support service providers, doctors, and staff who provide pregnancy or adoption information and referrals, using an existing infant adoption awareness training curriculum. Awards are available up to $750,000 Deadline: 8/4/2017

Innovations in Nutrition Programs and Services (HHS). Department of Health and Human Services announces funds to increase the evidenced based knowledge base of nutrition providers, drive improved health outcomes for program recipients by promoting higher service quality, and increase program efficiency through innovative nutrition service delivery models. $775,000 is available for four awards. 
Deadline: 8/7/2017

If you are interested in pursuing any of these funding opportunities give us a call at 202.986.6590.   

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We are in the thick of summer proposal season.  Below, we discuss what do to if you go through the proposal process and don't win.  All is not lost.
The Lindsay Group LLC 
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 The Agony of Defeat...or the Pathway to Future Success?

Many organizations are distressed when they do not win a grant from the federal government particularly when they have invested significant time and resources to secure funding. One should be disappointed but if it the process was done correctly it can perhaps open doors for future opportunities. When I say correctly I am speaking to what I feel is the best method to be successful.  

The best proposals we have written have been when the organization is fully invested from the top down. That means having a continued dialogue throughout the process. It also means that the finance department is invested as well as the project supervisors who have the greatest feel of what the organization is actually doing on the ground. It means brainstorming and bouncing ideas so that there is clear sense of the direction needed. 

The great thing about grants is that there is a deadline. One does not have time to posture and pontificate the great theories of the world. One has to take the time given and maximize the resources to meet the prescribed deadline.  Many people think that grant writers go in some imaginary corner and come out with magic. Successful grant writing is a team sport.  

I have written four successful Second Chance grants to the federal government and I think each provides a glimmer into what one faces when competing on the federal level.  On each occasion, there were between 250-300 proposals that were submitted from around the country. The Second Chance Act was signed into law on April 9, 2008 and has continued to evolve over time. The first grant I wrote was for a very small organization but they filled a unique niche that met a real need at the time. I would hope that our writing and crafting the response also helped as we focused exclusively on women way before the topic became popular. The second grant was a very large national organization that had significant political strength but had also a grant making machine that churned out grants and knew all the rules to be successful. The third grant was again a small to mid-size agency that struck a chord with veterans as the primary issue before it was very popular to discuss. Finally, another small to mid-size agency received support because they are a very well run and they have systems to engage the entire team in the proposal development process. Each of these organizations could have come up short.  

Not winning is hard but I have seen organizations taking that effort and reusing with appropriate modifications to request support from foundations and local and state government sources. Seeking federal support should be just one part of a multi-dimensional strategy to get revenue for your organization. When competing for federal dollars if one gets knocked down one has to get back up see what you can do better and move forward. Often it may not be your proposal that was off but the timing and or politics where one Senator made a deal to ensure that his District got the money.

-James Lindsay

D.C. Opportunities:

Homeless Youth Shelter Beds and Transitional Housing Beds (DHS). Department of Human Services announces funds to establish youth shelter (for minors and for youth ages 18-24) and transitional housing beds in the District of Columbia. Request for application will be released on July 14, 2017.
A Pre-Bidder's Conference will be held Friday, July 28, 2017 from 12:00PM - 2:00PM at the Department of Human Services Headquarters, 64 New York Ave, NE (room number TBD after RSVP deadline).
$1,956,000 is available for eight awards.

FY 2018 Family Violence Prevention Services Program (DHS). Department of Human Services announces funds to provide services in a neighborhood-based facility located in the District of Columbia to residents who are victims or potential victims of domestic violence and their dependents. Funds: $500,000 is available for six awards Deadline: 7/31/2017  

Foundation Opportunities:

Black Benefactors Giving Circle announces funds to support programs in the areas of education, civic engagement, youth development, general operating, and capacity building support. Deadline: 7/14/17

The William J. and Dorothy K. O'Neill Foundation announces funds to support family oriented programming that will result in positive outcomes for families in eligible communities. Request may be made for special projects, capacity building, and general operating support. LOI Deadline: 8/1/17.
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Constance Lindsay, Vice President
The Lindsay Group LLC