Italy + Thailand = Perfection

In February of this year, I was in Thailand, days before the travel restrictions. I went on this trip to acquire pots. More specifically, large pots ingrained in my memory from a trip years ago, and for whatever reason, have unavailable since. For those of you who know me, you also know I'm not easily deterred, and if it takes a trip around the world to get what I want, so be it.

In the early 20th century, an Italian family of potters and sculptors moved to Thailand. Often cross-cultural exchanges result in design and innovation that transcends what either culture could accomplish independently. In this instance, the Italian style meets Thai craftsmanship producing not just pottery but art.

While the shapes are distinctly old-world Italian, the hand made, high fired (2000 °F) terra cotta techniques using native soil and pigments produce what a few of our private clients and I believe are the best examples of large pots anywhere. A well known designer even commented on how trendsetting the color palate is: sage, olive, sand with just a hint of rose. Bold statements, yes, but at this scale and quality, containers of this caliber are cost-prohibitive to manufacture and as a result have effectively become lost to antiquity.

I acquired what was available, knowing the likelihood of obtaining a shipment, let alone a full container anytime soon, would be difficult at best.

Already half of these beautiful pots have been spoken for, so please come by and see them soon. You have my word – you won't be disappointed.

Love and kindness,