July 17, 2017 --  "What have you planted in your business?"
Planting healthy seeds in a fertile environment so they will grow and prosper, is a responsibility of every leader. The right attitude toward industry knowledge, work duties, responsibility and accountability, are all healthy seeds to be planted by leaders (and the senior generation) of family businesses.
         "Fertile Environment"
A fertile environment in a family business, are those individuals, or next generation, who are receptive to learning, reject entitlement, learn on their own and work harder than others. They are "cultivated" by their parents and by those people who influence them to always do their best. To do their best by their attitude, word, example and work ethic.

The senior generation, teachers, supervisors and others are all involved in cultivating this fertile environment. Too often, in a family business, the seeds that are planted include: family in-fighting (usually about personal issues), the "unspoken" issues, that can include the lack of trust and respect for one another, over compensation of children, and the lack of accountability. All are "bad seeds" planted in the minds of the next generation by those who are suppose to love them the most. 
         "Reap what is planted"
As most of you know, over 65% of family business do not make it through the second generation. After over 40 years, I have come to realize that too often the wrong seed is being planted. Complaining about working with family, about the hassle of having employees, and the lack of really educating the next generation of what to "plant" for their future,and those previously mentioned, are all ingredients in the bad "emotional seed." A bad seed that is too often handed down from from previous generation leading to "poor crops" and failed businesses.

The senior generation needs to be more aware of what they are planting and the next generation must understand what has been done to allow them the opportunity to "till the soil, and plant the right seeds." Until everyone becomes aware of what they plant, sow and harvest, thousands of family business will be lost each year. Until everyone becomes more focused on providing better "seeds" it is just possible the next business loss will be yours.
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Kwaiserism - "When it comes to being a family in business we are all farmers"