Holy sheep, Dont'e, there were 38 of them!

Cover girl Euphoria and her sidekick Dont'e are reacting to the record-breaking 38 animals we, along with our partners Miami-Dade County Animal Services and Police, rescued in July. She's also neighing about the lucky 7 re-homed and 6 reunited with their owners. Hard work pays off!  The carrot on top? She's super excited about being the first to have sponsors in our new Sponsor A Rescue program. 
Euphoria is right, it's been Raining Rescues
July was definitely a month for "all creatures, great and small." Of the 38 total, we saved: 18 sheep, 6 cows, 6 ponies/minis, 5 horses, 2 donkeys... and 1 pig (who went wee wee wee all the way back to his home).

Oh, Baby!

Surprise! We welcomed a precious new addition earlier today, a lamb born to one of our Barbados ewes. This little cutie and the rest of the flock have a home in Georgia awaiting them, and will be on their way soon. In the meantime, we'll enjoy having this baby to ooh and baah over.
Remarkable Recoveries - Horses' lives transformed

Thoroughbred mare La Bolichera on 5/3/18.
La Bolichera on 7/12/18, absolutely stunning!

Thoroughbred type gelding Ajax on 10/9/17.
Ajax on 5/23/18, so handsome!

Paso Fino mare Gitana at intake on 2/4/18.
Gitana on 5/30/18, almost unrecognizable!

All of the horses pictured above are available for adoption. To view their pages on our website, click on their photos or  click here for the entire adoption gallery.

Rescue + Rehabilitate + Retrain + Rehome = Mission Accomplished!

Jolie, a pretty girl as she's so named, has a story with a very ugly start. The young, emaciated Quarter Horse mare was lucky to survive after being hit by a car late at night on a remote dark road. She was traumatized and suffering with a large, gaping wound on her chest. But there was something in her eyes that said she was also a fighter. We gave Jolie our all, and after a few months she made an amazing recovery. An adopter eventually fell in love with her and gave her a home, but they unfortunately weren't a perfect fit and she was returned. We learned Jolie just needed a little more training under saddle, so we called in  Matt Goodman , a local professional. Matt worked wonders with Jolie, and brought out her best. It wasn't long before she was scooped up by her perfect person and taken to her forever home. We're wishing Robin and Jolie many happy trails, and tipping our hat to Matt!
Other recent adoptions:

Wide Open aka Ben
Huge thanks to our amazing volunteers, led by Ginger Krenz, who logged in 462 hours during the month of July at the rescue ranch! We are very grateful for all their hard work and dedication to our horses and animals.

Volunteer Hours:  Saturdays, 10am-2pm

Upcoming Orientations
Saturday, August 11
Saturday, September 8
Open to current SFSPCA Members only. For more information on our program, click here.

NEW: Photography Club!

Led by board member Roy Pressman (pictured with his adopted horse Navarre), the club gets together monthly at our ranch. Grab your camera and meet our rescues, learn equine photography tips from Roy, and have fun taking your photos. All skill levels welcome!  Contact Tanya Rocha for more info and the next meeting date/time at  tanya@helpthehorses.org .
Angels Among Us...

Meet Claudia "CC" Chatterton, our very own "patron saint of pigs," who has taken in or helped re-home several of our potbellies. CC sits on the board of directors of Swine Society, Inc., a Palm City, FL rescue. When she isn't saving animals, CC teaches Kindergarten at Avocado Elementary School. We are very grateful for her generous help and support!
SFSPCA Generator Fund

We promise them safety, but when the storms strike throughout the summer and hurricane seasons, we frequently lose power. The horses' water supply stops, the cooling fans quit, our water pump dies and the barn and property lights go dark. The solution? While we can't control the weather, we can keep our 50+ horses and animals safe, healthy and hydrated with a generator. Help us keep our promise to our rescues with a tax-deductible contribution to our Generator Fund  today:  click here !
Fun Ways to Help the Horses

South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in Miami-Dade, Florida. Founded in 1992, it is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of abused and abandoned horses and other livestock. SFSPCA also educates the community about responsible equine care and ownership, and promotes the welfare of equines through local and national advocacy. Since 2008, Miami-Dade Animal Services Department (ASD) has provided partial funding to SFSPCA for the care and rescue of abandoned and stray horses and other large farm animals.  SFSPCA's Combined Federal Campaign number is: South Florida SPCA Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - 13214. EIN: 65-0338657.