April 16, 2022
Volume 3 Number 3


Exploring Past Life Stories, The Power of Our Thoughts, and What Happens When We Die

by Shari Harris
Just Who Do We Think We Are?
Victor Gammit Says...


"When we start to feel fearful and overwhelmed by the state of the world, it may be helpful to keep coming back to the essential truth of who and what we are. All of the evidence supports the conclusion that there is no death, that we are all eternal beings and part of the great spirit. There is NOTHING that can take that away from ourselves or our loved ones."

"Even in the current dark times, all the spiritual teachers past and present are united in telling us not to get caught up in the drama on the big screen of our lives. Over and over the message is DO NOT BE AFRAID. They ask us to help those who need help as much as we can in a practical way (donations, help to refugees, etc.) and to join in with prayer and meditation to raise the collective consciousness of humanity."
From the weekly online newsletter by Victor and Wendy Gammit; see links:


I recently came across a lovely statement from Robert Schwartz that he says was "channeled" by his wife Liesel, who is a psychic. The statement inspired me to do a bit of research into the unusual topic of channeling, which may be foreign to some and taboo to others, although I've learned that many important works throughout the ages have been claimed to be channeled. The statement by Schwartz that I include below is comforting because it infers that the world is on the right track and that we need to have faith in a positive outcome to the chaos which seems to envelope our world.

So what exactly does channeling mean? Helané Wahbeh, Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), explains that “channeling is the process of revealing information and energy not limited by our conventional notions of space and time...Channeling is a universal human experience." (Excerpt from The Science of Channeling by Helané Wahbeh ND MCR )

Wahbeh states that the term "channeling" can be confusing and has different meanings for various people. Some people associate the word with someone, perhaps a psychic or medium, speaking or writing automatically while in trance. Others may think of it as a type of intuition.

On the website for the Institute of Noetic Sciences (www.noetic.org), Wahbeh describes channeling as a continuum :

"Multiple research studies show that channeling is experienced on a spectrum. On one side, you have widespread experiences like intuition and gut hunches. Telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition lie somewhere in the middle. Rarer experiences like trance channeling and out-of-body experiences are on the far side of the spectrum. Channeling comes in so many forms."

(The Institute of Noetic Sciences is an American non-profit parapsychological research institute. It was co-founded in 1973 by former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon, along with investor Paul N. Temple and others interested in purported paranormal phenomena in order to encourage and conduct research on noetics and human potentials.)

I have been aware of channeled material for quite some time from authors like Esther Hicks, Edgar Cayce, and Neale Donald Walsch and books such as A Course in Miracles. However, I understand that the idea of books being dictated by entities "on the other side" may be a stretch in common sense for many people.

At times, I am almost embarrassed to speak of Abraham and explain that "he" is actually a group of entities on the other side who speak through Esther Hicks because I may come across as a bit "far out there!" I do believe, however, that channeling is a process by which important information is shared with the world from higher levels of consciousness. And according to what I have read, it is a natural process and can be available to any of us in varying forms.

The information that I am sharing is merely a brief look into the field of channeling, and I encourage readers to keep an open mind and to investigate further if you have an interest in learning more. The statement by Robert Schwartz follows.
Be well and remember to enjoy your amazing life!
Sending my love,
As Channeled by the Beings of Light through Liesel
“Earth has entered a new age in which the rippled consequences of one’s actions and consciousness state will be far more readily apparent in a far more timely manner. This will have the effect of a state of consciousness of separation being laid bare for the truly barren state that it is. Old paradigms of what constitutes power will be cracked open to reveal their hollow core, and the subtle, gentle power of a new paradigm based in connection and unity will begin to be recognized not as the weakness it was once perceived to be, but as the deep and bottomless resource and strength it ultimately is."

Always know Our love is truly with you, for Our love truly is you."

Schwartz's Website: https://yoursoulsplan.com/

Books by Robert Schwartz
Some Well-Known Books That Were Channeled

A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman
"This book is easily one of the best-selling channeled books of all time, so much so that it is easy to forget that it is channeled. Schucman received the Text, Workbook, and Manual for Teachers through a series of transmissions that lasted seven years.

Often dense and difficult understand, ACIM is best understood with a companion guide. The narrator occasionally comes through as the voice of Jesus Christ, while at other times it has the tone of an enlightened guide."
Ask And It Is Given By Abraham Hicks
"Abraham, as channeled by Esther Hicks, is one of the world’s most popular channels. Ask And It Is Given was the first Abraham book, and still forms the cornerstone of Hicks’ teachings and philosophies. In it, Abraham teaches about the power of thoughts to create reality, and how you can gain control of that power by tapping into your emotional guidance system, and finding alignment with your desires."
Seth Speaks and The Series of Seth Books
"Another classic channeled book series is Seth Speaks and related Seth Material, which was channeled by Jane Roberts between the mid 1960s and early 1980s.

The Seth Books have become classic reading in New Age and higher consciousness spiritual circles, offering a complete view of personal and ethical philosophy, the ability of your thoughts to create reality, and the fabric of Oneness of which we are all a part."
Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch
"Neale Donald Walsch has written a number of international best-sellers, but his number one book was also his first channeled work: Conversations with God.

Walsch says that one day, in frustration, he wrote an angry letter to God, asking for answers. To his surprise, God responded. This book was the result that followed, offering radical new insights on a number of traditional Christian themes, from the meaning of the holy trinity to the original intention behind the Ten Commandments."

Channeled Works by Other Authors
These are only a few of the many channeled texts available, both online and in print. As we continue to accelerate into higher frequencies, more and more channeled books are released every year.
My Favorite Topics

I have three primary topics about which I collect authors' thoughts and which I love to share with others who are interested. I feel that the world would be more loving and inclusive if these topics were better understood and individuals would have more clarity about who they are and why they are here. My favorite topics are the Afterlife, Reincarnation, and The Law of Attraction which are expressed in my statement of belief:

Just Who Do We Think We Are?
Shari Says...

I believe we are eternal spiritual beings who are currently
living one of our many lives on Earth and who are the co-creators
of our experiences through our thoughts and beliefs.
Shari Harris

In past issues of Just Who Do We Think We Are?, I attempted to include an author's quote on each of the subjects. However, I plan now to highlight just one topic in each newsletter in the interest of brevity.
The Afterlife: What Happens When We Die?
Roberta Grimes Says...

"The mortality rate is one hundred percent. As you read these words, people of every age are breathing their last breath in hospitals and huts, and many of them are dying in terrible ignorance and fear. Those who love them are ignorant and fearful, too, since from this side death looks like the permanent ending of a human life."

"But afterlife evidence lets us study death from the opposite direction, and what we learn is that for most of us, death is an easy and enjoyable transition. It doesn't hurt and it is not frightening. After death, [we] find ourselves in a beautiful, solid, earth-like place, young and healthy in the arms of family and friends and surrounded by love. Death is the best time of your life! Wouldn't it be good if more people knew that?" (p. 20)

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From the March 22, 2022 Issue

"MAPFRE, the largest non-life insurer in Latin America, just announced it will not cover or invest in fossil fuel companies that do not have a plan to keep temperature rise below 1.5C. This is a big one - clients include Pemex and Petrobras, Mexico and Brazil's state oil companies respectively, two of the biggest polluters in the world."

"France's car market is going electric way quicker than anyone predicted. Despite the overall market dropping off a cliff (down 31% compared to February 2020), the share of EVs continues to rise. 40% of all passenger cars sold in France last month had some form of electrification, more than the share of petrol at 38%, the leading fossil fuel powertrain. Clean Technica"

From the April 15, 2022, Issue

"One of Massachusetts' oldest prisons is shutting down, thanks to reduced incarceration rates and high maintenance costs. The prison is operating at only 68% capacity, because the state now has the lowest proportion of people in jail in 35 years. WBUR"

"An international fundraising event in Warsaw last Saturday managed to raise over $10 billion from governments, companies and foundations for humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, completely filling the UN Refugee Agency’s funding gap. That makes it the most successful charity event in human history. Global Citizen"

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