February's Color is Amethyst, which is known for good luck and protection.

Reading challenges are so much fun. Click the link below to find the list of all the 2017 year long reading challenges hosted by #bookbloggers. It will be continually updated through the end of this year to give you a comprehensive resource.

Master List of 2017 Reading Challenges 

'Weekend Warrior' Workouts Improve Health
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If going to the gym during the workweek sounds daunting to you, fear not: Working out only on the weekends has health benefits too, a new study suggests.

In the study, researchers examined so-called weekend warriors, who cram a week's worth of exercise into just one or two days.
February is Low Vision Awareness Month!

Low Vision Awareness Month

February is Low Vision Awareness month!

With people in the United States living longer, eye diseases and vision loss have become major public health concerns. Currently, 4.2 million Americans ages 40 and older are visually impaired. By 2030, when the last baby boomers turn 65, this number is projected to reach 7.2 million, with 5 million having low vision.

Blue Light: Bad for Your Eyes?

Your vision is important to your health!

It's never a bad time to learn more about what can harm your eyes or to prevent any major issues in the future!

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New clinical trial shows 'promising results' for ASD treatment
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The gut microbiota is a fascinating part of the human body; it plays a crucial role in immunity and keeps our bodies healthy. New research suggests that the gut microbiome may even hold the key to a potential treatment for autism.

The gut microbiota is the collection of microorganisms living inside our body. We have tens of trillions of microbes living in our guts, totaling more than 3 million genes.
3-D bioprinter to print human skin
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Scientists from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), CIEMAT (Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research), Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón, in collaboration with the firm BioDan Group, have presented a prototype for a 3D bioprinter that can create totally functional human skin.

This skin is adequate for transplanting to patients or for use in research or the testing of cosmetic,
chemical, and pharmaceutical products.

How Air Travel Will Change in 2017: The Comforts of Home at 30,000 Feet
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The days of enjoyable and comfortable air travel seem to have disappeared. Instead of gourmet meals, lots of legroom and free drinks, we have snack boxes (if you're lucky), cramped cabins and interminable security lines. In many ways, flying in a plane is about as luxurious as taking a bus trip down the interstate, with the added nuisance of jet lag once you reach your destination.

But that's all changing in 2017 and beyond - or at least the trends are headed back in the right direction when it comes to air travel amenities. Airlines are putting
innovations in place designed to replicate the comforts of
 home, keep passengers happy and help them arrive at their
destinations refreshed and ready to go.

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