What is happening at the tech giant Google? Once known as the "Happiest Company in Tech," Google is currently experiencing inner turmoil. Walkouts by employees protesting the company's handling of sexual harassment, political bias on its platforms, and it's anti-trust probe by the U.S. Justice Department are just the recent headlines made by this California powerhouse. In this newsletter we are examining the stories that you should be watching and how they affect you and your organization.
Three Years of Misery Inside the Happiest Company in Tech
"For this article, WIRED spoke with 47 current and former Google employees. Most of them requested anonymity. Together, they described a period of growing distrust and disillusionment inside Google that echoed the fury roaring outside the company's walls. And in all that time, Google could never quite anticipate the right incoming collision. After the travel ban walkout, for example, the company's leaders expected the worst—and that it would come from Washington. “I knew we were snowballing toward something,” a former executive says. “I thought it was going to be Trump calling us out in the press. I didn't think it was gonna be some guy writing a memo.”

Retaliation for Reporting Harassment
"Almost a year after the historic walkout, a dozen current and former Google employees told Recode that many employees are still justifiably afraid to report workplace issues because they fear retaliation. They say the company continues to conceal rather than confront issues ranging from sexual harassment to security concerns, especially when the problems involve high-ranking managers or high-stakes projects. And in a previously unreported internal document obtained by Recode, dozens more employees say that when they filed complaints with Google’s human resources department, they were retaliated against by being demoted, pushed out, or placed on less desirable projects."

Google's Struggle with Bipartisanship
"Google’s efforts to control its employees’ speech is a leviathan of a task for a company with nearly 100,000 global employees. No matter how many rules the company places on what Google workers can and can’t say, some employees are bound to break those rules. And as with the Damore and Cernekee cases, the company is vulnerable to accusations that it’s displaying political bias, particularly against conservative employees. It will remain up to the company to decide where it draws the line in policing the chatter of its internal public square, and how much outside political pressure shapes those standards."

Google Frowns at " disrupting the workday to have a raging debate over politics"
"Google issued new guidelines limiting employee discussion of politics and other topics not related to work, in a major shift for a company that has long prided itself on open debate and a freewheeling internal culture."

Justice Department Launches Anti-Trust Probe
"In June,  multiple   reports  indicated that the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission, which generally split antitrust enforcement at the federal level, were divvying up responsibility for potential action against Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Amazon. The Justice Department would reportedly handle Apple and Google, and Facebook and Amazon would be under the FTC’s purview."