August 24, 2018  
What the heck is this Janus thing? (Part 2)

Last week I began to talk about the recent Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court decision. Read part 1 here.

Today, I'll continue the discussion with a comparison among Act 10, Janus, and Right to Work (for less). 

First, some definitions:  
  • Agency shop or closed shop: the collective bargaining agreement representing the workers includes a union security clause mandating that all the workers pay dues, or at least pay their fair share of dues, an agency fee (that covers the costs of bargaining on the workers' behalf). Prior to Act 10, all school districts in the state of Wisconsin were agency shops.
  • Right to Work (for less) laws prohibit a union security clause, and therefore, eliminates agency shops. These laws are passed at the state level and can affect both public sector and private sector unions. Act 10 eliminated union security clauses and a whole lot more.
  • Open shop: workers have the option to receive the benefits of a union with being a member or paying a fee. After Act 10 all school districts in the state of Wisconsin are open shops.
  • Free rider: a worker who chooses not to pay union dues and gets the benefits for free.
  • Public Sector unions represent employees who work for public entities like public school districts, cities, counties, and states.
  • Private Sector unions represent employees who work for private companies.
And now, the comparison among Act 10, Janus, and Right to Work (for less) laws can be found in this chart.

Don't be fooled: all of these laws and court cases are part of an organized, anti-union game plan. You can read more about it here.

Armed with all this information it's important to realize that despite this systematic attack, WE ARE STILL HERE! We are out-organizing those who seek to destroy us. And if you want to be an active, engaged member who joins in the fight, go to your next union meeting to find out what you can do to help. Contact us for more info.

Kathy Rohde
Regional Director

Recertification Elections

Recertification Elections

Even if your Local is NOT recertifying soon, talking about Recertification is a good idea. You can explain why your Local is not participating, that even without recertifying your UNION STILL EXISTS, and you can discuss the potential for holding a CERTIFICATION election in the future.
  • Here is a flyer that describes the process of Certification and Recertification.
  • Here is a flyer called "What You Need to Know About Recertification."
If your Local IS recertifying this year (Locals' decisions about recert are due to WR3 office by September 4, and voting takes place October 31-November 20), holding a 10-minute meeting is a great opportunity for you to have the discussion about what it all means.

Political Action
This is an 11.0101(10)(b)(1) communication with WEAC members

As you know, the Primary is over and WI AFL-CIO has endorsed Gubernatorial candidate, Tony Evers, to join their slate of labor-backed candidates.
Workers, and working families, across the country have not been getting their fair share of the gains in this economy. We know that the answer to changing this is for unions to reach out to their members (and friends and family) to build momentum around the upcoming Mid-Term/Gubernatorial Election, when we have the opportunity to flip the Senate and gain labor-friendly seats up and down the ballot.
But, this change will not just happen. There's no just riding on a "blue wave." We need to do the work to make it happen. If we work together labor can get pro-labor candidates elected, so we can begin to make positive change for workers. Join the AFL-CIO to knock on doors for our August 25th Day of Action!  
Day of Action for Labor Endorsed Candidates in NE WI*
Saturday, August 25th, 10am - 1pm
USW D2: 1244 Midway Rd., Menasha
Green Bay Labor Temple: 1570 Elizabeth Street, Green Bay

If you want to knock a different city or have any questions, please reach out to:
Sabrina L. Johnson, M.S. 
Northeast & Northcentral WI Area Labor Federation
Service Area Coordinator
Cell: (715) 572-5660

Educator Perks

Live Webinars Scheduled for August, September!

ETF is offering a series of 30-minute, live, interactive webinars designed to increase your understanding of Wisconsin Retirement System benefits. Individuals can also ask questions at the end of these sessions. Visit their webinar page to learn more about any of the following sessions.
  • Choosing When to Retire
  • How to Use ETF's Online Retirement Calculator
  • 5 Basic Steps to Your Retirement
Barnes and Noble Offers Free Educator Discounts!

There are special discounts in August, and a year-round program you can sign up for.

Application form here.

Schedule It!

Click HERE to see our Region 3 Calendar. It includes WEAC and Region 3 governance meetings, Professional Development events, and many other workshops, meetings, and events sponsored by our office.
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