July 2020
(If you have back pain, high blood pressure or vertigo, just bend over a little bit - not as much as what I am doing in the video.)
Dolphin the Neck
and Gratitude
This month you can
"Watch Me Not Do This"
as I refuse to join into the
global emotion of fear.
The Gratitude/"Dolphin the Neck" exercise is one way I make this happen.
It takes me about 2 minutes in the morning. I tried it for a month with several friends. The benefits for many of us have been

Read the comments in
the section below .......

Give Your Kidneys a Daily Jump-Start
When Master Lin suggested a morning exercise including Gratitude and Thankfulness to help us get through these tough times, I was all in because I know that the emotion of Gratitude is the top emotion to benefit our kidneys. My understanding is the kidneys are in charge of our water so I try to keep them as healthy as I can by eating well, drinking plenty of water and drinking very little alcohol.

As I decided to try this I had a thought.....why not invite some friends to try it with me so it wouldn't just be MY OPINION if I shared this with you in the July Newsletter. The comments below are their opinions. I would love for you to try this. As I said in the video, the emotion of fear can potentially shut down your kidneys. There's a whole lot of fear circling our wonderful planet so please do whatever you can to keep your kidneys happy!!

The Comments....
"Although surgery interrupted adherence to the practice some days I found that the focus in the morning on gratitude made me aware of interactions or events through the day. I was more aware of consciously and verbally acknowledging that I was thankful or grateful. I’m not certain of the influence of the neck movement as far as the happiness/gratefulness factor -but it did make my neck feel good!"

"I cant say enough about how this simple exercise changed my mindset completely. I work in sales and have very demanding goals. On my 2nd month on the team, I had a super low week. I was so down about it. Then Meredith suggested this gratitude exercise. I have now broken the sales records set by previous team members and I am consistently hitting above my goal every week. What has changed? Saying my gratitudes with intention. I even bow and say “thank you for my sales last week, thank you for my sales today. 
Every day when I go to sit down to my job I just feel like the universe has my back, and in these crazy times when we are work from home and having to create our own energy for our work environments, it means something to feel secure."

"A new experience for me. I feel it brought me closer to the special person in my life.it also made me more understanding of the people I associate with. Overall a good experience that I will continue in the future."

"What you focus on grows!! I knew that in my head but now I know it in my heart.
I have been faithful for the last two plus years to write my gratitudes every morning.  I have found there is a difference in writing them vs speaking them out loud while bowing. This exercise has brought everything to a new level.
I wanted a home/business property I own to sell.  I did not have it listed. I sent out my gratitude to the universe via this exercise and out of nothing came an offer (the amount I asked for) and a signed deal by the end of the day. (I had been focusing on it for about a week prior.)
This is only one example.  
My life has never been the same since my chance encounter with Meredith. I try whatever she suggests and it's all for the better.
Thank you Meredith."

"I was pretty faithful in doing this every day but did not notice any difference/benefit.  But it was also not a completely new practice, other than the movements."
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