August 2020
The Golf Program is Finished!!
Thank you to everyone
who volunteered to see if energy work could improve your golf game.
It was very enlightening for all of us
and the results were

You can read the volunteers comments in
the section below .......

I was feeling a serious "nudge" to create an energy program for golfers. Every golfer I've ever talked with says that golf is a "mind game". I was curious to see if subconscious beliefs could interfere with someone's golf game. The answer to that was an emphatic YES!!!

Comments from the Golfers....
"I am playing better with less frustration"
"The biggest (change) was being able to hit the ball all the way to the green when the yardage was less than 85 feet. I have more confidence in my game."
"My favorite strategy was the "girly fist". I use it in other situations as well as the golf course."
"I am more focused and I can move past a bad shot or hole more quickly now."
"It changed my mental preparation, focus and attitude, which were my biggest challenges."
"(The program) made me understand why I was playing and allowed me to relax into my game."
"I find that it has helped in everyday things. Especially the "girly fist". I find it helpful to block all the negative energy in my life."
"I am better balanced, at better peace with myself"
"It certainly did not hurt my game and gave me better tools to work with in the future."
"I think it has made me calmer. The program has given me a way to channel frustration and move onto the next hole. All though my score is not always reflected by the program, I still feel it has helped."

My Perceptions.....
Each volunteer I worked with had more than one belief that was interfering with their game. I was guessing the belief would be something like "I'm not good enough" or "I don't have what it takes" but that wasn't the case at all. Many of the beliefs were a HUGE surprise to both of us. The cool thing was that understanding the source of the belief didn't matter. All that mattered was clearing the emotional energies that created the belief - which, in turn, also cleared the belief - and the next round of golf they played showed improvement in their game, attitude or confidence!

Some of the negative beliefs that were challenging their games:
  • I am unable to admit when I'm uncertain.
  • I'm the lone wolf.
  • I don't have anywhere to go.
  • Blocked from my Divine Essence.
  • Unaware of what I really believe.

We also had some positive beliefs show up as challenges. The golfers were usually unaware of the belief and that it was an internal struggle for them. I cleared the energies that were behind the belief, allowing them to embrace the concept:
  • I am free to create a new life that totally supports me.
  • My mind is calm and clear.
  • I feel alive and excited about my life.
  • I quickly eliminate any hurt feelings.
  • Pulling in energy from others.

When the belief "Pulling in energy from others" came up, the golfer and I were curious to see how that belief was affecting their game. It turned out the golfer's energy field was absorbing the emotional state of other golfers! That can be great if the other members of your foursome are having a super game but it can quickly sink your game into the toilet if another golfer is not happy!! We experimented with Master Lin's "girly fist" and found it worked beautifully! (Watch the video to see what I'm talking about.) The minute another golfer went negative, my golfer made a "girly fist" to protect his energy field. He had no problem maintaining his positive attitude while negative energy was coming at him. By the end of the golf program I had every golfer using the "girly fist". They loved it!!

I've been excited to discover that energy work is extremely effective in improving someone's golf game. I'm also quite certain the program will help any athlete regardless of the sport they enjoy. I'd love to work with a professional athlete who's in a slump - I'll bet I can turn their game around!! If you know one, give them my number!!! :)
Certified Human Behavior Specialist
Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner
Certified Level 3 Spring Forest Qigong Healing