June 2020
Moving off of
"Some Day Island"
Years ago when I was teaching art it was an era of abstract art with a lot of striping and color choices that made your eyes "bounce" and imagine things. I loved it - both the art and the process of painting.

When I headed into a new career I somehow got away from the painting but always told myself I would paint again... someday .
I lived on "Someday I'll" for 40 years until Jess asked me to paint her rain barrel last month. (The picture is below.)

Click on the barrel and then click through the pictures to get to a time-lapse video of me painting . I had no clue Jess was taking it! :)
The Creative Process of Painting
Touches My Soul

We all have a "something" that we get so involved in doing that the world just disappears for a while. I have several of those including gardening and painting and yet... painting is something I hadn't done for decades.
Last month I rediscovered the joy of transferring the picture in my mind to something that can be shared. It felt totally different than those other "somethings" I do to feed my Spirit. I had forgotten just how much it meant to me and I am so grateful Jess approached me with a couple pictures and asked if I could paint them on her rain barrel.
Let me ask you.....What "Someday Island" are you on? Why don't you move off of it to and give yourself a joy that you, too, have been postponing?
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