February 2020
Dedicated to saving the precious lives of newborns from the dangers of
abandonment and assisting pregnant girls/women in crisis.
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  • What is More Important Than Saving a Life
  • I Was Not Prepared to be a Mom
  • Safe Haven Means Hope
  • Save the Date 2020
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What is More Important Than Saving a Life
We believed from the beginning if we saved one life all of our efforts would be worthwhile. That was 388 precious newborns ago who are now living with their forever families -- 317 mothers who choose to remain anonymous and place their newborn safely in the arms of a staff member at a Safe Haven facility; and, 71 mothers, their anonymity not a concern, choose to place their baby directly with a private adoption agency.

A Safe Haven for Newborns is dedicated to eliminating the ultimate in infant abuse, abandonment, through education, prevention, direct assistance and grass roots community involvement.

As the safety net, Safe Haven is possibly the last resort for a pregnant young woman with her newborn at her moment of crisis, very often facing life and death issues. Two lives saved -- the precious newborn and the mother.

The lifeline of our organization is our statewide confidential, 24/7 multilingual, referral helpline. We assist them as they make their decision in the best interest of their baby and themselves. Whether with counseling, parenting, health related issues, homelessness, adoption or confidentially placing their newborn with at a Safe Haven for Newborns facility.

All the services offered are at no charge to the expectant mother.
I Was Not Prepared to Be a Mom
I gave birth and was not prepared for it. I know it is kind of hard to believe but it was true. I was worried how could I take care of my baby, especially at my young age. I had no support, very little money, no experience and all alone. I was desperate, very desperate, what to do, until I saw a Safe Haven for Newborns billboard with their helpline #. I called, they were so kind. I explained my situation. They very clearly explained my options including if they could help me to keep the baby. This wasn’t possible for very personal reasons.

So, I decided to place my baby safely at a Safe Haven facility. It was the best and only decision for me and my baby. I really thank God for Safe Haven and the people who work there and helped me…especially Mr. Nick. 
Safe Haven Means Hope
Someone once asked me in an interview what comes to mind when I hear the word, Safe Haven. What came to mind back then and what still comes to mind right now is the same. I can only describe Safe Haven as Hope. Hope for everyone involved in such a delicate, life changing process. Hope for a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy, hope knowing Safe Haven will be there every step of the way for that woman, hope for the baby to be safe, and for the baby to never have to face abandonment out of desperation from a woman who may not know that there is help for her and her precious baby. Hope for thousands of infertile couples, waiting to fulfill their dreams of being parents through the miracle of Adoption.

My adoption journey was filled with ups and downs, but I always had hope that one day my forever baby, the one child that grew in my heart instead of my belly was going to find his way home.

I joined 2 agencies in the hope of making the adoption process quicker for us. My baby is a Safe Haven baby, meaning his biological mommy knew she wanted a better life for him than the one she was able to give him at that point in her life. Safe Haven made this miracle come true for my family.

The work this organization does many times goes unnoticed. I am here to tell you it is real. Javi came home with us when he was 3 days old. I will never forget when I received a phone call from my case manager. That call changed the lives of everyone in the triad. I became a mommy again; his biological mom had peace knowing he was going to be loved and nurtured for the rest of his life, and he became the center of our lives.

So, when I say Safe Haven means HOPE I truly mean it. This is my testimony and I pray it could help someone else's life.
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Save the Date 2020
MAY 8 -- 1 PM Shotgun
4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament - Tee Off for a Cause
Trump National Doral Golf Resort
Red Tiger Golf Course
OCTOBER 17 -- 7 PM
10th Annual Gala
Miami Inter-Continental Hotel
Silent Auction, Dinner,
and Dancing
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