One of the fastest growing criminal enterprises in the world, human trafficking is a $150 billion dollar per year industry, with 30 million people enslaved today, with 2 million of those being child sex slaves. This is not only happening in Third World countries but in America, as well.

Operation Underground Railroad is a group of former intelligence and Special Ops personnel that leads coordinated identification and extraction efforts to rescue victims of child sex trafficking and to prosecute perpetrators. They work in conjunction with and train local law enforcement throughout the world. Just as importantly, they supervise the aftercare and rehabilitation of survivors.

They are looking for volunteers to help join the fight. Find out more here .

Running Time: 2 min

There will be over 45 hours of video presentations for you to enjoy, covering topics that include:

  • How to Make an Herbal Insect Repellent 300x More Effective than DEET
  • The Personal FARMacy: Simple Steps to Grow Your Own Health
  • Herbal First Aid
  • Fermented Drinks: Nature’s Sodas
  • Nightshades Illuminated
  • Reverse Diabetes Naturally
  • How to Make Herbal Formulas to Heal Leaky Gut, Ulcers, and Indigestion
  • 5 Nutrient Rich Greens You Can Grow Anywhere in Just Minutes Each Week
  • Healthy Wine and the Ketogenic Diet