What is Possible for YOU in 2024!

Hello WHL,

May YOU bring deep peace, joy and relaxation to your body and your life in this new year.


Deep Body Relaxation - allowing what is deep inside of you to emerge - the true and authentic you.


With every New Year most of us have a strong desire to reassess, re-evaluate, start on a positive and a new way to create what we deep inside desire and dream of.

What is Possible for YOU - Audio Recording

January is a month when we can start anew, when we can tap into our heart’s desires and dreams and Intentions.

The big part of our culture operates on a premise that our health and well-being are not our responsibility and if we have a challenge with our body, it means that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. 


Another big misperception that we live by is that we are completely lost in the external world. We look for all that we need and want from the external environment. We have strong beliefs that someone else can give us what we want.

If we step back and open to a higher perception, and gain new knowledge, we realize that everything is an opportunity for curiosity and investigation.


The biggest truth, treasure and mystery of this life is that all that you want, your health and vitality is inside of you.


Reclaiming our body/mind for deeper healing is a very creative process of internal transformation. If we fully own it we can regain our vitality, health, and live our best life.


Finding, igniting, and animating the REAL YOU and integrating it with your body/mind is what you want to learn more about.


This is where the magic is, this is where the healing is, this is where the creative process is.


 Your body and well-being is your own creative process.


In human experience – most of us wake up to our true nature via different gateways - either health, financial situations or personal relationships or combinations of all of those above.


It is NOT your fault that you did not know it. The society and our culture is ALSEEP to those things.


Let your PAIN be the gateway to your awakening. Let me help you to find the GIFT in it, so you can unpack it and discover your treasure.


Creating an Intention vs setting up a goal is an important first step as it helps us navigate from where we are coming from.


Intentions live deeper in your physiology; they live in your DNA, and they are driven by the energy level of your authentic self.

Goals are usually driven by the mind's energy and are less powerful if they are not attached to the authentic self.

Let me give you an example.


Let’s say you have been dealing with chronic pain for a long time, which hugely impacts your life on many levels. The logical and natural feeling is:


"I want to get rid of the pain. I do not want to feel it anymore. I am hoping that someone else can do it for me or just fix it". DISEMPOWERED INTENTION


This mindset is disempowering and is simply not working.


What is an empowered Intention in this case as an example?


"I feel flexible, relaxed and open in my body. I am able to enjoy daily walks with my loved ones". EMPOWERED INTENTION


One of the reasons we do not intend for much bigger goals/intentions for our health is that our mind is trying to figure out how that would happen. We usually do not have a belief system in place that senses dreams or desire as a possibility.


The mind alone is not able to heal you, so right now do not listen to your mind and dream up what would be your desired outcome for your body and well-being.


Our innate energy goes wherever you focus your attention, so if you focus on what you do not want, guess what? You get more of what you do not want!


Choose well what you WANT vs what you don’t want.

In the next Blog and your Audio Guide I will show you how to define those Intentions

2024 is open for scheduling

Stay tuned and reach out to me if I can support you on your healing path……

In Love and Health,

Izabela Adamus, PT