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The Robomart Mobile Vending Supermarket
The Robomart uses artificial intelligence to alert the operator to hazards. Customers use an app to order deliveries.

The Robomart, a self-driving, mobile food market, allows consumers to place delivery orders on an app, then pick fresh produce from the vehicle's shelves when the delivery arrives.

The Robomart exhibited recently at the CES trade show in Las Vegas and will soon be available to supermarkets that will lease the electric vehicles and the management technology.

Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed, Robomart founder and a veteran technology entrepreneur, said he will license the vehicle, a wireless charger, apps and fleet management software for a monthly fee to supermarkets.

Using the NVIDIA autonomous drive platform, the 14-by-6-foot Robomart uses artificial intelligence that includes "surround perception" to alert the operator to hazards, gaze tracking for driver distraction alerts, gesture recognition for user controls and natural language understanding for voice control.

The vehicles have external cameras that enable lane switching, navigation, 65-degree vision and obstacle detection, according to Robomart.


Parlevel Systems, a technology provider for vending, coffee service and micro markets, announced an integration to Unified Strategies Group's (USG) order center. The integration syncs operational data from Parlevel's vending management system (VMS) with USG's order center. The integration provides a way for USG operators to maximize rebates and gain other member benefits.
Parlevel's integration with USG's order center occurs seamlessly inside Parlevel's VMS through the warehouse module. Once a USG operator orders inventory through the VMS, data is accrued and sent with one click to USG's order center for immediate delivery to the suppliers of the operator's choice. Operators no longer need to compile or export operational information manually, which results in significant time and financial savings.

MagTek Card Reader Authenticator Adds Identification And Payment Options
MagTek - The mDynamo
The mDynamo allows operators to add identification and payment options.
The MagTek mDynamo is an EMV module that connects via USB with two optional auxiliary ports, SPI and UART, giving users the flexibility to add a variety of identification and payment acceptance options in a compact, modular design.
The small form factor makes it easy to integrate into new or existing unattended locations including vending machines, kiosks, parking or payment terminals. It represents a solution for mobile payment applications involving tablets and phones to accept payments almost anywhere.
The card reading module is easy to incorporate into an enclosure and retrofits into other MagTek insertion-style reader bezels or phone and tablet enclosures. The mDynamo is designed to save the integration designer money in a single, low-cost, yet secure device.
Using an updated bezel, the mDynamo can be added to a new design or retrofitted to an existing insertion style magstripe reader. The chip card reader and optional NFC module are certified for EMV L1 and L2. MagTek offers a variety of software developer kits (SDKs). 


Grahan Partners
Graham Partners, a private investment firm targeting industrial technology and advanced manufacturing companies, has invested an undisclosed sum in OptConnect LLC, a provider of wireless connectivity solutions for unattended equipment. 

Primary Internet of Things markets for OptConnect include vending machines,  self-serve kiosks, micro markets, digital s
ignage and ATMs. The company focuses on providing safe, secure, reliable and cost effective IoT connectivity by using a combination of proprietary device configurations, network monitoring and tight integration with wireless internet carriers. 

Based in Kaysville, Utah, OptConnect serves more than 3,000 customers with over 85,000 installed wireless units.


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