What is The Potential of This Time?
We all may feel vulnerable, scared or confused during this time of uncertainty but how do we take this pause that the universe offers and look at it differently? How can we become warriors within ourselves?

We want to offer you a practice and words of wisdom from our Ascent Magazine archives.

Swami Lalitananda explores the pose through questions we might ask ourselves now: What is the purpose of my life? Where am I going? How do I need to change in order to attain the victory of liberation?

The pulitzer prize-winning author & essayist discusses trust, wonder & her vision for the future.

Interview by Taien Ng-Chan
Our iCal shows that the Ashram was founded April 24; the year was 1963. Although this isn't a date that we regularly celebrate, today it can give us reason to pause and honour this magnificent place that is spiritual home to so many, near and far.
This is Home
Our Elastic Band came together again to perform This is Home in the The Temple of Light especially for you. Enjoy - and let us know your reflections on what home means to you by replying to this email.