What is the Secret to Building
Effective Exterior Walls?
Good HAMM!
Coming to you in Four Parts

EXO-TEC debuts our blog today.

Our first four blogs rolls out the Four Barriers Battling the Four Wetting Potentials; How to Build Effective Exterior Walls. In four Parts ...

What is an Air Barrier System?
Air Barrier System ( ABS ): A system of building components within the building enclosure system ( BES ) designed and installed in such a manner as to stop the flow of air into and out of buildings through the building enclosure system. Air barrier systems can be classified as either Vapor Permeable Air Barrier Systems or Air And Vapor Barrier Systems. Air flow into and out of buildings is caused by wind pressure, fan pressure, and stack pressure.
Part 2 - Water Barrier - Coming Soon
Part 3 - Heat Barrier - Coming Soon
Part 4 - Vapor Barrier - Coming Soon

So where does HAMM fit in? Heat, Air, Ml (Liquid), Mv (Gas).

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