Building A 21st Century Virginia GOP

Dear Virginia Project Friends and Supporters,

It has been an honor to receive your support and outreach as The Virginia Project got off the ground over the last year. In 2021, we are growing and acting on a variety of fronts, including staffing up, and especially continuing to build the technology and networks that will organize Republicans in this important election year.

You may be wondering - what exactly is The Virginia Project

  • A place to rebuild the Republican Party in Virginia. We will do that through building out local unit party infrastructure, supporting Republican candidates, voter outreach and communications, and disrupting the destructive Democrat one-party rule. Read up on The Virginia Project’s Mission Statement, and our Principles & Scope.

  • A place to meet like-minded patriots. Virginians across the commonwealth voted for Donald Trump and feel the injustice of the stolen and fraudulent 2020 election. It is critical in the coming years, as we take back Virginia, to build the networks - and friendships - to support, encourage, and embolden each other. You can start by joining us on Twitter and Facebook.

  • A place to learn. In order to take back the state, we need patriots who know how to join their local party unit, register voters, lobby their congressman, and even run for elected office. The Virginia Project wants to help you get there.

We're also devoting a ton of energy to election integrity and an audit of Virginia's rigged election results - read more about our Election Integrity Audit here.

We are committed to serving as the populist, Constitutionalist voice for grassroots conservative Virginia. 

Most of all right now we need your financial support. We ask that you consider donating today at whatever level you’re able to continue to cover administrative costs, build out our technology resources, and more.

We will be reaching out regularly with updates, news, and tools you can use in this incredibly important election year. In the meantime, please spread the word - forward this email to a friend or family member, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and please consider donating.

And if you ever have a question, or want to throw your hat in the ring to volunteer, send us an email to

Here’s to taking back the Commonwealth in 2021 and beyond!

P.O. Box 26141
Alexandria, VA 22313
Ph: (703) 719-4353