What is YULEX PURE natural rubber?

YULEX PURE natural rubber latex and solid are special Yulex grades of natural rubber. Recall prior chronicles talked about different grades of natural rubber including cup lump, concentrated latex and 3L. This is our grade of rubber and is only available through Yulex for certain and specialty applications including medical devices and applications that require a super premium purified rubber- certified of course. 

How do we "purify" the rubber? Tree (tap) latex consists of rubber particles or biopolymers aka "polyisoprene", but also contains dirt, oil, proteins, metals and other impurities. Simply put, we use a system like that pictured here to remove the proteins and impurities while retaining and concentrating the polyisoprene polymer (or "rubber") content. It's this capability that produces the purest natural rubber available (greater than 60%) while being about 90% to about 99% free of the unwanted proteins. Removing 90-99% of the proteins also removes substantially all the proteins associated with Type 1 latex allergies, therefore substantially reducing the risk of a Type1 latex allergy response. YULEX PURE latex can also be converted into YULEX PURE solid similar to that of other grades e.g. 3L. Similar to 3L grade rubber, high-heat ovens for 3L production and vulcanization during manufacture of the foam denatures residual proteins, further de-risking a Type 1 allergy response.

In contrast, all commercially available natural rubber latex or solid is NOT purified or is slightly purified (or "deproteinized"), but not to the extent like that of YULEX PURE.  

YULEX PURE natural rubber latex for example produces a white color latex emulsion and a pale yellow solid rubber. 

When YULEX PURE and a commercial Hevea natural rubber latex films are compared, the YULEX PURE is translucent while the unpurified latex has a yellow tint. 

What products are made from YULEX PURE FSC 100% natural rubber? Certain of Patagonia, Finisterre, Billabong, Pride Bodyboards (Nymph), The Seea, Srface, Ansea, Senosen, SlowActive, Project Blank, Hakuna Wear, AquaLung and ScubaPro wetsuits.


Patent Pending

Generally, a granted patent gives the owner of the patent the right to stop others from copying, manufacturing, selling or importing the owner's invention without the owner's permission.  

Yulex has heavily invested in developing plant-based replacement textiles and we protect them using different forms of intellectual property including patents and trademarks.  Check out our patent application describing our purification system and purified natural rubber

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