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The Optimal Brief | June 2020
3 Things To Remember On Your Path To IAM Maturity

To reach IAM maturity, businesses need a roadmap – an understanding of where they’re going and a knowledge of the milestones they should be meeting along the way. Achieving the highest level in a maturity model used to be very difficult, and few organizations were able to do it. Today, gaining maturity is far easier – but even so, most companies still get stuck.

Learn where they are going wrong and the three things you should be doing instead in the blog "Walking The Path To IAM Maturity."
Quick Poll - MFA
What is the most important attribute when selecting MFA for your organization? (Choose one)
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User experience/Frictionless usage
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Gartner's IAM Leaders' Guide to Access Management

“IAM leaders focused on core AM tools should refer to the Gartner research mentioned here to understand the broadened scope, deployment approaches and adoption trends of AM tools.” Security and risk management leaders focused on IAM need to assess AM tool scope and deployment approaches and apply continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment approaches to AM.

“The bigger picture of an IAM program scope includes four main functional areas: administration, authorization, assurance and analytics. The AM discipline provides authorization, assurance and analytics capabilities, along with some administrative capabilities as well. It is responsible for the establishment and coordination of runtime access decisions on target systems in line with the other core AM functions.”
Types of Authentication Methods

Authentication is the process of allowing people, often employees, to identify who they are so that they can gain access to the company’s facilities or computer network. The process is extremely important to help prevent unauthorized access, which can lead to catastrophic data breaches. There’s a wide variety of authentication methods available, ranging from the simple (a single password) to the complex (multi-factor authentication that can include passwords, one-time codes and biometrics).
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Featured IAM Solutions

A complete Identity as a Service (IDaaS) federated broker
  • Private Dedicated Cloud
  • SSO to Applications
  • Delegated Administration
  • Affordable Monthly Plans
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A hosted RESTful web service that provides the ability to perform various authentications including single and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Benefits include:
  • Security and Control
  • Compliance
  • Efficient Deployment
  • Reduced Costs