October 2016

This month I want to visit with you about the State Fair of Texas which opens on Friday, September 30, and runs through Sunday, October 23.

Lottie and Flower Bench, 2015 State Fair of Texas, Friends of Lottie Sculpture Garden

Actually I want to tell you about Lottie and the exhibit she started in 2008 named appropriately,  “Friends of Lottie Sculpture Garden”. As one of Lottie’s Friends, I have participated in this exhibit every year and am very pleased to be able to say that, along with many other artists.

Lottie directing installations at the 2008 State Fair of Texas, Friends of Lottie Sculpture Garden

There should be more Lotties in our world.  Of course there is that saying… “You can have too much of a good thing”.  I really think that applies to donuts, but you must judge for yourself.

Lottie when we first met... Dallas Arboretum 2008.
Wylma and I enjoyed a rare chance to have Lottie all to ourselves over a hamburger and fries when we went to install “Twisted Red”, my entry into this year’s exhibit.
Lottie and Delbert, Twisted Red, 2016 State Fair of Texas, Friends of Lottie Sculpture Garden

Lottie and “Twisted Red” are alike in that they are a combination of elements.  Through their center is an unchangeable form that has grace and strength. It is unique in its shape and is firmly attached to a base or foundation that is central and unmovable.  From that core, beauty erupts in all directions with flowers full of color and warmth.  

Lottie waiting and watching... 2014 State Fair of Texas, Friends of Lottie Sculpture Garden
The combination of it all calms you… inspires you… refreshes you… and just makes you smile.  That is Lottie.

Combination is a key word and I want to take a minute to share with you a group of pieces I have decided to label with that word, because they have both a form that resembles nothing else and shapes that are recognizable as flowers.

2016, Delbert Beckham, Yellow with a Twist of Blue, Salvaged Steel, Private Collection

“Twisted Red” was the second piece in this series.  “Yellow with a Twist of Blue” was the first piece of this style.  It now lives with Mike and Rebecca in their Anniversary Garden. 

I was so pleased with that sculpture, that when I began planning for the state fair I decided to design and build another.

The early stages of  Twisted Red, 2016 

As usual I wandered around in my organized chaos of salvaged metal that others would identify as a “junk yard”.  Finally, after stepping over it a gazillion times, the central piece for “Twisted Red” was chosen.

The early stages of  Twisted Red, flower blooms, 2016 

I had already cut out the flower blooms not knowing at the time how I would use them.  If you read it, you may remember in my September 2016 Newsletter I mentioned some of those flower blooms.

As “Twisted Red” came together, I kept thinking…

“I need to make some of these on a smaller scale”.

Let me introduce you to three of the newest members of the “Combination Series”, each with a central form of twisted rebar surrounded by flowers.

Maybe I should call them “Lotties”. 

2016, Delbert Beckham, Sunny Umbrellas, Salvaged Steel,

In the first one the rebar center is painted a bright yellow.  Arranged around it are five flowers I had originally made as individuals which could have been displayed on a shelf or table.  Because of the hook on the stem, I called them Umbrella Blooms.  I guess with the abundance of yellow in this piece I could name it “Sunny Umbrellas”.

The other two have unique flowers that I have never made before, and unless I can find some more of the clips the petals are made from, there will not be anymore of them.

2016, Delbert Beckham, Loopy Red, Salvaged Steel,

The smaller of the two has this loopy, twisted, round piece of rebar as its center. Yes, that is just the way I found it.  I didn’t put the bends in it, I just decided how to mount it.  Maybe I could name this one. “Loopy Red”… chuckle…

2016, Delbert Beckham, Three Squares, Salvaged Steel,
The larger of these two clip-petal flower combination sculptures has seven flowers and three rebar pieces. Did you notice that the rebar in this piece and in “Sunny Umbrellas” are all square.  I may name this one “Three Squares” and then sit back and watch while folks try to figure out…
”What was he thinking?”

Lottie will read this and then chuckle to herself and say…

“I know how you think, Delbert,  just like me... and it is scary.” 

Before I forget…  November’s newsletter will come to an inbox near you after Wylma and I go to the Sassafras Festival in San Augustine, Texas on October 29, 2016.

I wanted you to know because it is a great fun day with classic cars, fantastic food, entertaining music and of course many interesting venders like myself who can provide opportunity for shopping for yourself and others.

Delbert Beckham's Salvaged Steel Sculpture Studio, 2016
 Hey… Christmas is just around the corner, and critters are already showing up and flowers are sprouting all around the studio in anticipation of making someone’s world a little brighter.
 We hope to see many of you in San Augustine.
Lottie Kate Minick

Also, don’t forget to take yourself to the State Fair of Texas and take a stroll down First Ave. by the lagoon to see all the sculptures and if you are really fortunate you may encounter Lottie Kate Minick.

 If you would like to forward or share this newsletter with others, that would be wonderful.

Until next time…

May there always be flowers in your life.

 Delbert & Lottie, SFOT 2014,
Bud Vases, Salvaged Steel