What is a Parklet?    


A parklet is a removable extension of the sidewalk that covers a parallel parking space, provides seating for pedestrians and allows people to drink on the street. Reno's urban cool factor went up this week when a second parklet opened on Roff Way behind Arlington Towers near Our Bar and the Reno Collective. The first one opened at Craft Wine & Beer, on Martin Street, with a parklet that extends sidewalk seating into side-street parking spaces. The Roff Way parklet covers two parking spots.

All parklets must be permitted as a special event and are the responsibility of the business owner to manage and pay for with the city providing the same special event approval they do for more than 250 other events every year. The goal is to create architecturally interesting structures that add value to the neighborhoods.

Alexis Hill, special events program manager for the City and her team researched other cities, such as Las Vegas, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia and Seattle to discover best practices for creating parklets.

  Two minute Video - Reno-Tahoe FUN!

Best Regards, Kelly