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  • Valmont steps up recycling with a sustainability room.
  • Virtue of the month>> Service: Giving to Others.
Kelly Rabe, Senior Buyer, and Tim Neville, Director of Operations, of Valmont Microflect in the Sustainability Room. Recycling bins are in the room, along with information on recycling and sustainability. The Room is set up to educate employees about what recycles and what does not.
Above: Kelly highlights the paper shred bin.
Above: Corrugated Cardboard Recycling Box.
Above: Where does this Go? When you are not sure if an items is garbage (landfill) or can be recycled or ….? The item can be placed here and the team will research the appropriate waste path and write it on the sheet for future reference. We also have a bin for glass and a battery recycle bin.
Compost Bin
Business Recycling Icon
Ever have questions about how your business can recycle better or sustainably dispose of something? Valmont Microflect is making strong efforts to decrease waste.

Most businesses have recycling programs: bins are typically located by desks for shreading and recycling. Most office and industrial shop kitchens have bottle and can collection.

In 2017, Valmont participated in a Dumpster Dive: an event in Salem, Oregon where area businesses would look in their garbage and identify what can and cannot be recycled. Valmont discovered what was in their rubbish bins, and found many items could be recycled. Partipants made a plan to redirect as many items as possible from landfills. They also to action to use more reusable items such as drinkware.

I spoke with Kelly Rabe, Senior Buyer, about how this is working out. (Con't below.)
Above: Co-mingled recycling. None of these items go to the landfill.
Above: Bottle and can deposit. Only those with a $ can go here.
On the left: Compost bin with guidance. Valmont uses compostable plates, cups stir sticks, in additional food that is composted.
Can you tell us about the Sustainability Room? Valmont Industries (very large Global company) has a corporate directive for a sustainability program at all sites. The objectives are for each site to form a Green Team who’s objectives are to engage in activities related to sustainability and environmental performance. The ultimate goal being to reduce our carbon footprint by way of reduction/recycling/substitution of electricity use, natural gas use , water use and waste –to –landfill.
Do any other businesses have a Green Room? The Salem site Sustainability room or ‘Green Room” is the only one I am aware of. As the Salem team was meeting to figure out how we were going to make recycling fun and easy and to make sure it was done right, it became clear that posters were the best way to identify what items should go in whic h recycling bins. It seemed logical put all of the tools in one central location and it just took off from there. We were fortunate to have an empty room, then with a coat of recycled paint and left over flooring “The Green Room” was created. Next we will add energy efficient lighting. 
There is a Q&A sheet in the Green Room. How well is that working? The question sheet is great because instead of just throwing something in the trash, there is a place to put the item in question and the green team will research the proper method of disposal and then can communicate the information for others.
How is Valmont's recycling program going since the Dumpster Dive last year? Has Valmont met its sustainability and recycling goals?
The waste recycling is going great. We are set up well in the office. We are currently turning our focus to the energy side. Taking base line readings/measurements for electrical use, water and gas and will try to identify area where we can work to reduce our consumption. 
After that, we plan to work our way out to the manufacturing plant and identify waste stream opportunities.

What you can and cannot recycle changes often, and differs between waste haulers. Kelly suggests contacting your waste hauler or local Master Recycler if you have questions.
What does it mean to be of Service? Serv U-1st Values Service: Do Every Job With Excellence.

When talking about service, it means giving to others, and making difference. Considering others' needs as important as your own. Serv U-1st values doing excellent work for our accounts. How do you define service?

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