Are you ready to have a spiritual conversation with other initiates that 
will e nergize, inspire, and lift you 
into the realm of the angels?    
Please, join us for an
Our Spirit Conversation
where the Gabriels will facilitate a unique conversation 
with your spiritual community that can open your awareness 
to a new dimension of communication possible in a conscious and enlightened community of spiritual seekers

Tyla and Douglas Gabriel, authors of  The Gospel of Sophia trilogy and "architects" of the virtual Temple of Sophia , facilitate conversations with spiritual initiates that create a special kind of group synergy, lifting each participant to higher levels of consciousness as they connect with one another in a higher attunement, something we call an 
Our Spirit Conversation.

What is an  Our Spirit Conversation ?

Through structuring a topology of the landscape of the spiritual world, a new cosmology can be created that stands behind a world view that connects the wisdom of the past with insight into current affairs. New bridges can be built between the divine spiritual world and the hyper-materialism of the apocalyptic Dragon. We each stand as the apocalyptic "woman clothed with the sun" whose spirit child is about to be born into a battle with the Dragon who sends forth floods to drown us before we can give birth. 

The outcome of the  Book of Revelation is that the spirit child is taken up into heaven and protected and the woman "clothed with the sun" is given great wings of an eagle to fly into a mountainous wilderness to escape the floods and the onslaught of the Dragon and the two Beasts.  

How do we ascend back to our home among the spiritual hierarchy? 

Ascension is the process of birthing our own spirit child and inheriting our wings that help us fly to the next level. This is the dilemma of the modern aspirant striving towards unification with their spiritual self. 

Tyla and Douglas will lead you in a conversation that reveals the mysteries of how each human being ascends back to its original home among the divine spiritual hierarchy.

This process of ascension is much like a path or quest to find the sacred spirit that is lodged in each human heart. It is personal and individual, but the path to the top of the mountain requires a map that marks the signposts giving helpful directions to the summit.  These signposts are also the steps of spiritual initiation that awaken the human soul to its spiritual nature and the beings who support ascension.
Through consciously awakened conversations that address current methods of spiritual support in our times, direct insight and applicable wisdom can arise from the other side of the spiritual threshold that illumines the steps of ascension. Through a type of "spiritual listening," our personal Guardian Angel learns to communicate with the Guardian Angels of others. This in turn can lead to links with the Archangels involved in higher forms of inspiration. Then, through an active form of spiritual listening, the current Time Spirit of our Age can link to the efforts of the combined Archangels and alight as an personal and collective Intuitions, Imaginations, and Inspirations from the collective group effort.

Have a conversation that includes the Spirit of the Times. 

  This type of spiritual communication is higher than what the efforts of a single individual can attain. It is only through the conscious spiritual questioning of a group of like-minded spirits that the Spirit of the Times, the Archangel Michael, can manifest. The New Age of the Archangel Michael started in 1879 and the New Age of Light, Satya Yuga, began in 1899 as the dark age of the Kali Yuga ended.  The current Time Spirit gives us the wisdom we need to navigate the waters of the apocalypse.

Once you experience the spiritually electrifying energy of the conversation, you may want to start your own Sisters of Sophia groups or Our Spirit Conversations so that you can benefit from the higher resonance of conversations among spiritual initiates. 

Learn to navigate your own way back to your divine source.

On December 21, 2012, when the solar system as a whole crossed the mid-point of the galactic center, another major step forward began as all aboriginal calendars of the Platonic Year (25,920 years) ended and a new cycle began. 

All of these calendars, ages, and cycles indicate that we are at the beginning of a New Age wherein the leading ideas and icons of the past no longer apply.  We are no longer led by priest-kings and monarchs who were in direct connection with the divine. 

Today, each individual soul must become a new religion of "one" and must find his own North Pole by which to create his own spiritual navigation back to the divine. 
Learning to communicate with the beings of the stars allows earth-bound humans to fly into the heavens and unite with the wisdom shinning down upon us. The wisdom of the past then becomes the intuitive guidance of the present. Once we have created a new ark, awakened centers of consciousness called chakras, we can rise above the floods of the Dragon and break the chains of the two Beasts that wish to destroy our newly born spiritual child. The wings of ascension give flight to moral inspirations that are born through the seven heavenly virtues that rise above the flood of the vices of the seven deadly sins.
There are many approaches to gaining the "wings of ascension" that arise from the wisdom gleaned from interaction with the Dragon and the two Beasts of the Apocalypse. The living gifts of Mother Earth help swallow the floods of the Dragon and the wisdom wings of ascension overcome the power of the Beasts. This is seen in the news every day and found in the battle for the soul in every thought that is redeemed from hyper-materialism. 

How to prepare for the conversation?

Attendees are encouraged to peruse  before attending a conversation so that you are familiar with the "rooms" and "passages" in the Our Spirit virtual temple. (No worries, please. There will not be a test--just enjoy exploring the virtual temple at your leisure.)     
The Gospel of Sophia Trilogy - Three volumes that explain the history, nature and future of the hierarchical being Sophia, who comprises a female trinity that links to the male trinity.
Neoanthroposophy - a new philosophy based upon the work of theosophy and Rudolf Steiner which also explores the Spirit of the Times as manifested in contemporary issues. 
The Virtual Temple of Sophia - A multi-layered network of newsletters, articles, videos, ebooks, links, and other offerings that highlight the inner workings of the Being of Wisdom.
The Qube - A scalar generator that activates sigil antennae anywhere in the world to bring harmony and higher resonance to detrimental energies and lower vibrations. 
Current Affair Articles - Penetrating research into the backstories of many of the Dragon's methodologies and institutions as they reveal themselves in our world today. 

The Ascend Diet  - Tune the chakras through naturopathic insight into what makes the energy centers of the body work optimally.
E-books - Free e-books on such topics as: Incarnation of Ahriman in Our Time, Warlord Bankers and Economic Terrorism, Primacy of the Divine Feminine Trinity, Working of The Ethers, Masters and Avatars, etc.
Waldorf Education and the Etheric Body The Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children is a forthcoming book that highlights how to teach what is eternal to the etheric body of the developing child.
How to Spiritually Interpret the Signs of the Times - using a refined cosmology of the developing human spirit illuminates the bigger scheme of evolution and the primacy of the human being.
The Glass Bead Game - an interactive game of wisdom that combines the efforts of many like-minded aspirants in their efforts to  Know Her . (Sophia)

Would you like to host an Our Spirit Conversation?

If you would be interested in having the Gabriels visit your spiritual community to lead an Our Spirit Conversation, please contact us at our newsletter address. We reside in Michigan and are currently limited in our travel distances. 

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