Vol. 27 April 2021

Each month I will be sharing inspiration, wisdom, and a bit of humor as we embrace our divine journey together. Be sure to check out my website JamieValvano.com for information about my speaking engagements and more.


As we spring into a new month, I wanted to share the extraordinary ways in which I was able to celebrate women in the month of March. Growing up, this time period certainly revolved around hoops. However, this year basketball did not take center stage.
Finalists for CBS17's Remarkable Women
My loving sisters, Nicole and LeeAnn, nominated me for a local contest aimed at sharing inspiring stories. A week ago, I had the honor of gathering with finalists from across the country. Our challenges vanished in the face of such joyful passion. These women allowed me to witness the multitude of ways women are changing the world.
On March 11th, Cisco held a virtual Women of Impact event. Speakers covered a myriad of topics including authenticity, leadership, the impact of gender, and connecting with a purpose. I left the meeting having learned and grown in ways I had not imagined possible in such a short amount of time.

As leaders in your organization, recognize the people that stimulate, motivate, and influence others by using their gifts. This practice must extend into our communities and homes as well. Discouragement and doubt cannot survive in an environment that continually spotlights excellence.
Jamie is an incredibly captivating speaker. Even during a virtual event, she was able to emotionally capture the audience with her own story of perseverance and it resonated with everyone, regardless of their position in life. We were all inspired to never give up on being extraordinary!

Erica Genthner
Corporate Counsel/Marketing
Cisco Systems, Inc.