Vol. 3 April 2019
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Thank you for following the journey. Each month I hope to bring you stories of inspiration, living life and embracing the divine path each of us are on. Be sure to check out my website www.JamieValvano.com for information about my speaking engagements and more.
One Player At A Time

The group of graduating Seniors from North and South Carolina gathered for a weekend that would change them forever. Basketball might have been the common talent that had brought them to the 2019 Carolinas Classic, but each were also recognized because a coach had seen something within that sparkled.
Bob Johnson, the CEO of The House of Raeford , has made it a personal mission to impact young people and the community. The non-profit arm of their organization, F.L.O.C.K , was created because of the philosophy that companies that do well, should also do good . The student-athletes that were selected for this tournament, also spent time visiting area children's hospitals, elementary schools, and serving as buddies for children with disabilities at the Miracle League baseball field. Over the course of a mere two days, these young people learned the valuable lesson that true joy comes from being a part of something bigger than yourself.
I certainly walked away honored to have been in the presence of such generosity and love. As a fan, I plan on cheering these players on as they start their career at Universities all over the country. More importantly, however, I pray they create meaningful visions in their lives that allow them to continue to have an extraordinary impact on the world.

The awards have been given, the nets have been cut down. Another season has come to an end. I challenge you to take the same passionate spirit reserved for your favorite sport, and pour it into the needs in your home, work, and community. Surround yourself with a motivated, unified team and go do something amazing.

For more information about F.L.O.C.K
visit wwwHouseofRaeford.com or CLICK HERE
Tom Teachey, Director of of Community Outreach/F.L.O.C.K Foundation and
Bob Johnson, CEO of Raeford Farms, Inc.
We were blessed to have Jamie Valvano speak at the awards banquet of The 2019 Carolina's Classic. Her message about the elements needed to live an extraordinary life certainly resonated with the players, coaches, parents, and others in attendance.
 Bob Johnson, CEO
House of Raeford Farms, Inc.
There wasn't a dry eye in the room after spending time with the amazing women at this Rodan + Fields sales retreat. This is a team that has bold visions for the future.

Your presence this weekend...your words...to my team of incredible women were unbelievable. My friend, you're not just a survivor...you're an inspiration, more than anything..an INFLUENCER. We laughed, we thought, and we cried. It was a heck of a day!

JoAnne Costanzo Grafinger