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Images of my years as a college student washed over me as I made my way to the classroom. Over 30 years had passed since I first stepped foot on North Carolina State's campus. Today, I would have the opportunity to speak to a group of undergraduates. The passage of time allowed me to reflect on the divine connections that had formed a lifetime ago.
Above Image: Journalism class at NC State University
taught by my friend Christa Williams Gala
What qualities do you look for in a team member? At the end of my presentation, this was one of the questions posed by a class member. The inquiry forced me to examine the people that surround, support, and sustain me.
Above: Dr. Carol Pope, December 1995
Individuals on my team willingly share their talents and gifts. Our bonds are strong enough to withstand disagreements. They are not afraid to tell me when I get in the way of my progress.

Some play a consistent role, while others drift in and out when needed. However, they inspire me as they authentically allow me to walk beside them on their unique journey.

Later that week, I served as a keynote speaker for an organization led by my college mentor. Dr. Carol Pope unearthed my passion for education, however her influence has extended outside of the classroom. I am beyond grateful for this special friendship that proves the power one person can have in our lives.
Fulfillment is the byproduct when both giving and receiving are in balance. Allow your essence to impact those around you and then, in turn, soak up what is offered. I hold fast to the belief that nothing great can be achieved in isolation.
Above: Dr. Carol Pope, March 30, 2022
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