Vol. 20 August 2020


Each month I will be sharing inspiration, wisdom, and a bit of humor as we embrace our divine journey together. Be sure to check out my website JamieValvano.com for information about my speaking engagements and more.
Do What You Can!
I love my son...I really do. However, spending the last 5 months together has certainly altered our relationship. Although Grant is 17, he suffered a stroke prior to birth that resulted in a multitude of physical challenges and cognitive delays. His radiant spirit and sense of humor were not affected in the least. We each have our moments when we need a bit of a timeout, but without a doubt he is the main reason I have thrived in the midst of these unimaginable times.
Hate, prejudice, jealousy, evil, and incessant worrying are but a few of the emotions that are missing from Grant's repertoire of feelings. Instead, all of his energy is focused on loving others. His love is not a whimsical response to some positive stimuli. Grant intentionally cares about the individuals that he meets, and actively looks for ways to let them know that they matter.

Spending most of our days at home, we are always looking for projects to fill our days. Grant had made a collage for his brother to take to college, so I thought we could continue this process. I never anticipated how this creative action would bless so many people. Grant and I have completed 80 LOVE COLLAGES. We constantly brainstorm new recipients, research their likes in order to capture their personalities, and begin the process of cutting words and images from the stacks of magazines that have been donated to us. We eagerly anticipate delivery day when we get to place the collages in mailboxes all over town. The pictures and texts of gratitude clearly illustrate the need we all have to feel connected.

Helplessness might take hold of our spirits when we view the current state of affairs. My remarkable son is challenging us all to look past the ever changing circumstances and DO WHAT WE CAN . How can you support the isolated individuals that work with you, live in your community, or share your home? Love sprinkled with a bit of hope will enable us to endure the hardships we face together.
Pictured above: Grant with my handsome brother-in-law, Roy Kwankam
Left: Husband and wife, Greg and Susan Somma, amazing educators that must be celebrated
Right: Beautiful family friend Beth Piqueras
Speaking to a computer screen is certainly not my first choice when thinking about how to best share my message. I doubted if individuals would be able to uncover personal significance through an impersonal platform. Leaders from a variety of industries have hired me to provide a bit of motivation during the work from home mandate. I am humbled and encouraged by the feedback I have received. Please contact me today, if you would like to plan a virtual meeting that will allow your team to know that we can still "cut down the nets" and live extraordinary lives even when facing obstacles.

"Jamie’s story is authentic and genuine. It delivers a message of sincerity and struggle, but it moves past motivation and instead is rooted in reality and inspiration. You and your team will walk away with an understanding on how you can use your circumstances today to live an extraordinary life without needing to change it all.   Her story is her own to tell and to live, but as you listen, you will think about your story to tell and live and the perception and inspiration that comes your way will be the greatest gift we could ever give each other. "

Corey Bauer, Vice President
Wells Fargo Mortgage
Market Manager, Greater Charlotte & SC
"Jamie, my wife is a Wells Fargo employee and we are NCSU fans. You inspired my wife today with your message. She talks about you and your story while crying as she shares it with us. I wanted you to know you really impacted her at a level that I have never seen. Thank you for sharing it with her and her team."

The Husband of an Attendee