Vol. 27 February 2021

Each month I will be sharing inspiration, wisdom, and a bit of humor as we embrace our divine journey together. Be sure to check out my website JamieValvano.com for information about my speaking engagements and more.

IN 2021
Love is certainly in the air as I witness the multitude of heart themed displays, an increase in flower deliveries, and an uptick in the sales of boxed chocolates. My son, Grant, and I started a bit of a love journey about 365 days ago.

Please click below to learn more about our Love Collages. We are hoping you will begin to imagine the ways in which you can intentionally show others you care in 2021.
"Your session was absolutely wonderful and so inspiring! We all thought that was the best keynote speaker we’ve ever had for an event. You have a gift for speaking, and we really appreciate you sharing you and your father’s story with us."

Madeline McDonald
Trading and Technology Analyst
Carroll Financial Associates
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